Delia in NH's Investing Journal

Delia in NH's Investing Journal

Delia here - and that's pronounced DEAL-YA. I am pretty new to this site and the Academy. Having fun feeling my way through. A little about me: single mom of 2 great boys 11 and 13, live on the beautiful seacoast of NH, have a wonderful boyfriend (who happens to be a contractor - huge advantage for me) and have always wanted to get into RE, just wasn't sure in what capacity. It always seemed that becoming an agent would take soo much time and take me away from my kids on nights and weekends. I'm not working right now, but I'm hoping this will take off and I can forget about going back to "corporate America". Like the old saying goes, the problem with the rat race is that it requires you to be a rat.

I have read both the "Right Now" book and "Be a RE Millionaire" book. So far, great - very excited to get this going. I have set up my LLC, and done lots of "little" things to date. I'm through a handful of courses, but feel I need to go back and do them again. I guess I'm having a bit of a block getting the buyers list together, but I think that is what I should concentrate on for the coming week.

As far as the coaching goes, I was supposed to have my first session last Thursday, but he didn't call me until the hour had about 10 minutes left and said he would call back, but never did. Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe it was just a fluke, but I feel like I paid a lot for this training and want to get the most out of it I can.

I have truly enjoyed all the posts I have been reading. This is a great way to connect with others for support and guidance. Anyone in the NH, Mass, ME area out there?

I wish you all great fortune on this journey we are all taking.

Delia (still pronounced "Deal-ya")


Welcome Delia

Hey Delia glad to see you started your journal. I love reading and chatting back and forth with others on this site.

I have not started the Academy yet, so for both of our sack a pray that it was just a fluke. Keep posting and keep us up dated with your success.


Erika, REI
Brownstone Investment Group
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I just started tooo

i just started as well...and Iam about to start the academy as well...I hope your experience with the training is not and ongoing trend, that is a lot of money


The part about going over your steps...I do agree with! I find myself
forgeting what brought me to my current ideas (In the first place).
I wanted to work for myself...I wanted to provide for myself...
I wanted to do a service,That i would be good at/Be happy at!!!

Your life is your life!.........What is your life going to be?
My life! real estate investing is the way i am going to go.

I wish you luck! Then again! They say "You make your own luck"


Thanks everyone!

Nice to hear from all of you, guess we're all in the same "newbie" boat! Very true Randy - let's make our own luck!

Welcome Delia

Good to see another New Englander here. I'm stephen from MA. About 20 miles south of Boston. Good luck in your RE investing. Love the name, I have a cousin named Delia.