New to the group

New to the group

Today I join the academy. I live in Houston. Im a little nervous seeing the investment I just made. I know I have to do it now or my wife is going to put me plan on taking one step at a time. I am very encourage that I can succeed by reading the adventures of other investor and looking forward to taking to some of you guys soon...I must say that I was motivated to make the next step by a lady the name of Beth whose journal inspired me...

Much Prayer Needed...Rnich out


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Hello everyone! I just joined the site and I am happy to know there are many out there that I can talk with now about investments.I have not made any investments yet but I am on my way!

I am learning day by day,searching ads,reading blogs,browsing websites and all that aligns with Real Estate investing.At this time,I do have a good job,but that will carry me into my New life as an investor.I look forward to talking with members in the near future!See you soon!