eagle01's REI Journal

eagle01's REI Journal

Hey everyone,
After reading all of your journals I felt I needed to start one mainly to provide myself with a way of setting my goals and being able to track my progress in achieving them. Also I hope that it may provide information that may be helpful to others in achieving their goals.
I have not received my books yet but, I have learned a great deal just from reading posts that all of you have made. I would greatly appreciate any input (positive or negative) anyone has to anything I post as well as any suggestions on how to best start my journey into this field. Thank You in advance and I hope to talk with and even maybe work with you in the future.


Getting Impatient!!

Hey everybody,
I am still waiting for my books to arrive. I am getting impatient, I want to get started ASAP. I have been running around looking for potential properties and gathering information but dont know what to do with it. Hopefully the books will come today so I can start reading.
I hope you are all doing well and look forward to reading your stories and learning from them Have a Great and Prosperous day!!!!! eagle01

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