freedomn3 weekly journal

freedomn3 weekly journal

5/01/2009 - Made the decision to keep my real estate license active, but I am going to change brokers. I plan to work with one or two area investors and find properties that will fit their investment needs and at the same time look out for deals for my own investment goals. I also will primarily be a buyers agent in other real estate transactions.
In the coming weeks I will post information here for other DG real estate investors in my area to get in contact with me and I can work together with a couple of them to achieve their investment goals.

Bye for now


Weekly update 7/10/2009

My son has come on board with me and we will work together as a team to reach our individual goals that we have set. We have drawn up ads for a real estate agent, mortgage broker, and real estate attorney and will be placing them on craigslist. We are designing our business cards and flyers this weekend and also will drive around our investment area and look for FSBO's and properties that show signs of neglect and vacancy.

So long till next week.


Congratulations on forming your team and working together on your real estate investing. It sounds like you have a plan in place and will hit the ground running. We look forward to reading about your latest deals. Believe and Achieve! :0 - Joe


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great support

i think this is great to have realestate comrades to brain strom with,im a rookie and made some big misstakes hopefully someone can help me. im facing a forecloser on one of my properties and don't know what to do about it. im upside down in the property it will appraise at about 150.000, have 130.000 1st. 25000 2nd the 2nd is current. it's a adjustable interest only that has now gone from 120.000@ 880 to 130.00 @1300 im behind about $8000, just got a tenant but could only get a $1030 from sec8 and in need of much needed repair what a nightmare. mortgage company will not modify because its an ivestment property and i have poor credit do to a short sale from another property sold last year. and their sighting insufficient income. I welcome any sugguestion i can get. hope i posted this in the right place

thanx vin

Update 10/27/2009

I have been absent from the site for a couple of weeks due to helping my son move his family back to Iowa. He started a new position with a road and bridge construction company near our hometown there. At this time he will not be joining me in investing as earlier posted. Now that I am back in the valley I look forward to devoting more time to my investment career and reach the goals that I have set for my family and myself. First things first, I will continue to set up my investment team; there is only so much that one person can do but together with a few individuals thinking alike with a common goal in mind can achieve so much more. I still have not found my ( STAR ) real estate agent yet but I know he or she is out there and I WILL find that person.

Bye until next week

Update 11/11/2009

Still working on finding my go-to real estate agent and building my buyers list.

Bye for now.

Update 12/28/2009

Nothing new to report at this time, want to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable new years.

Bye for now