New to th GAME (eventually)

New to th GAME (eventually)

Hello All,

Like everybody else, I was having an insomniac moment and came across Deans' commercial on TV. To be honest, I kept seeing the commercial for the next month, constantly, on Daytime, evening and night time programming. Finally, while at my job, completely unhappy and wanting more for myself and of course my family I started researching the various SCAM websites trying to see if Mr. Graziosi was as true as he seemed on his infomercials. Several sites I visited had Dean rated up there as one of the most "REAL" people out there at this point in time with keeping up on the CURRENT market deals and techniques. I'm just about done reading Deans Today's Market Book and am about to embark on the Be a Real Estate Millionaire next week. Dean has laid everything out there literally in Black and White as far as where to look, who to talk to and build relationships with etc, etc, etc, (as we all know being on this site now). I have a decent job making $14+ and hour and also have a small chunk of change sitting in CD's from a house that sold from a failed relationship (wish I knew of this book before....ugh, the possibilities!!!!)

I believe i'm crippled with FEAR of failing....after reading the book i've realized that I have a personal friendship with a Mortgage Broker, have a RELATOR with ties to my family, credit score in the mid 600's and that chunk of change making a measley .995 percent over 3 and 6 months.....but am again so reluctant to "PLAY THE GAME" whith what would amount to be my savings for the kids college (which wouldn't even cover 2 years at a Community College....crosses fingers for scholarships) LOL. You people on this website have some extraordinary stories!!!! and maybe i'm overanalyzing due to my time at the title co. with having all these stipulations and what not with properties as far as termites, questionable chains of title and just overall tightened restrictions with title co's and lenders....(oh yeah, and I know a title co. agent too) It's frustrating to me to see that I have probally 60% of a team (potentially, we'll see their reaction after the "TALK") and the local area marketing and BANDIT SIGNS. I'm currently renting with my GF (with an option to buy at a later date, it's her parents investment prop.) and i'm just looking to leverage my money and hopefully provide a more then excellent life for myself and my family......Does anybody out there have a similiar situation to mine that has since started the game and got out of the "RAT RACE". IF so i'd love to hear you out, can email me at CORONAKID76@**** and i'll be sure to check it out and who knows, we could become eventual associates at some point...

Thanks for the any help / advice or what not.

"Work Smarter, not harder!"
"Let your money work for you"



I'm so glad you are stepping out of your comfort zone. Fear is very normal. I remember reading that being brave doesn't mean you are not fearful. It means that you push through the fear to do what is necessary. And congratulations on figuring out that the status quo is not for you! I think I heard that more than 90% of babyboomers won't have the income to retire. I plan on being in the other 10%!

You are already on your way. Surround yourself with positive people. Many will tell you that you can't do what you want to. I believe it is their own fear talking. And also if you do make it, they will have to face the fact that they are not doing what they should be doing.

The beauty of Dean's program is that there are ways you can make money with no financial risk and everything to gain. Keep moving with your goals in sight and you will get there.

Stay active on this site and also look at real estate investing club sites. You will learn a ton. If you keep learning, I promise that what is hard will come easy.


"Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the whole staircase."

~ Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)


Hey Everybody,

Just in case you have the desire for more Positive Energy!!!! I was watching all of Deans Video Blogs and i'm not 100 % sure what # blog it was but i'm gonna guesstimate between blog 9 and 12. He mentioned about it being funny how when you start to look for Buyers or Sellers how they just seem to "Fall in you lap". This attraction has been described in "The Secret"!!!! I just listened to the Audio CD's a month ago and it explains situations like this and how to "Put you order out there with the Universe". It was a decent listen and strived on the positives and changing your way of thinking and being (not just saying your gonna change, but doing it). Anything to get us up and going!!!! I'm personally contacting a Success Acadmey Consultant tomorrow, The rat race is getting old and nobody but yourself is going to care how important your family Time is.....

Good luck to everybody!!!! I hope we can all accomplish our Dreams with Deans' and eachothers help.

-It wont happen by itself!!!!

Dean is the real deal!


Welcome to the best real estate site on the web. The people and information here is tremendous. Congratulations on buying Dean's book it is packed with great information. We attended Dean's live event last month in Phoenix and I can tell you Dean is the real deal! He cares about his students and is very giving with his time and information. Dean's weekly blog on this site is great so be sure to watch it every Monday. Good luck on your deals on your pursuit to financial freedom. Like Dean previously stated "you have to be in the game to pick-up the ball and score a touchdown!" The ball is in your hands....are you ready to run? Believe and Achieve! Smiling


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