>>> HisChosen's REI Journal <<<

>>> HisChosen's REI Journal <<<

Wow, everyone, where do I start?

I first bought Dean's BARM book I guess it was April of 2008. (I don't think we even had this website yet!) I read the book like it had a timer to self-destruct! I tried to invest as much time as I could into RE, but my full-time job and family responsibilities kept me from really diving in.

To make a long story short, here I am a year later and have learned SO MUCH in that time! No, I still haven't actually completed a deal from start to finish, but I have some incredible contacts, have gained mounds of knowledge and information, and access to all the pros here on this site who are willing to share their experiences! And, now it seems everything is starting to fall into place... IT'S MY TURN NOW! Smiling




"The greatest enemy of great is good."