Greg's Journal...

Greg's Journal...


Hello one and all,

I have read the books and am still in the planning and establishing phase. Information overload for a new person like me. I'm taking the baby steps each day and moving forward.

I am a veteran and am thinking of ways to use my VA loan to get my first property initially. Are there any pitfalls I should be aware of using this to start with?

I'm located in So. Cal. (Inland Empire) and am excited at all of the possibilities that are available right now! I look forward to an exciting and rewarding new future.



Busy weekend ahead. Looking forward to setting up the website and I am practicing my voice recordings for the 1-800 numbers. Flyers, business cards are also being done. Scanning the listings daily for the best deals to submit offers on. Already have my approval for a VA purchase or 3.5 percent down FHA loan, or a couple of other conventional options. I've let my broker know what I am doing. He's skeptical but open should I follow through with my business plan. Had to fire my first realtor already as she refuses to submit lowball offers. I suppose she just doesn't understand what I am trying to accomplish or else she is just lazy?

Hope everyone else has a great weekend and acheives their goals.


7 AM: Rereading some of PFRERN to refresh my memory on what I need to concentrate on to reach my goals. I haven't posted them yet since they are still in the liquid stage at this point. As soon as they GEL, I'll post them so others can see my progress.

9 AM: This morning I helped my roomie prepare to move and clean up his home. He is planning on renting his house out since he is moving into his girlfriends NEWLY purchased home. I need to move as well. The room I rent is very tiny and most of my stuff is in storage so I can move quickly. I have talked to my roomie about selling his house for him. He wants to rent though to generate his own cash flow. I don't blame him there and wish him all the best. I'm trying to do the same thing, he is just one house ahead of me is all! LOL

11 AM: Breakfast, more like Brunch.

Noon: Working on my Website! THANK YOU DEAN!!! You are wonderful! I have a long way to go on here but I'm definately on my way. A work in progress.

Also set up my business email account so as to link the website and emails together. Tried to go to but the registered domain name expired or is no longer in service? Will call on that and set up that account later today or tomorrow? (They may be closed on Weekends?)

3 PM: Searching properties in my area that fit my criteria. Also browsing ads for buyers to add to my buyers list. I have TWO HML's that I know would be willing to work with me should the right property present itself.

4 PM: Setting up Business Cards and Flyers today as well...Whew! There are perks to being in the printing business! Busy day so far.

5 PM: Shopping for a Laptop to run this business on. Hope to find a good one soon. My Desktop Comp. took a dive so now I have to beg, borrow and use other peoples computers.

I just want to say I really admire many on this site for their courage and commitment to their own future and to the wellbeing and future of others here. There is so much help, information and support by true professionals! Thank you to all contributors on this site.


Started my day reading in PFRERN to get pumped and motivated.

Went to breakfast and scanned the local ads for rentals, FSBO's and sales.

Looking for my first property in Corona, CA. using my GI Bill is very challenging. My price range and property types are pretty competitive and limited to say the least. Location, location, location! Most seem to be in very depressed areas or rough neighborhoods. I must need to change up my search criteria?

Doing some more on my web site. Think I'll call it early today start with a fresh eye tomorrow. I'm beat.

Peace be with you.

Monday 5/18

I had an epiphany last night after an earthquake woke me up from a sound sleep! The earthquake must have woke me while my mind was figuring out how to best approach my newfound career...REI!

First, I had been looking for a Realtor because the last one would not submit lowball offers. I think I found one that will? I am thinking the first one didn't really understand what I am trying to do. She was probably thinking that with the bidding wars going on in my area right now over available homes, there is no way it will work. She is probably right for certain classifications of houses! But not the ones I am interested in. Our market has turned somewhat and people are bidding up the prices on "TURNKEY" homes so they are selling for more than the present Comps. or FMV! Prices are rising to buy in.

I have noticed that the Realtors are very quick to ASSUME that I want to BUY homes at the TOP of approved qualification range! So, my new approach to find a realtor that WILL do what I need is to find one that will show me the WORST of the WORST homes that NO ONE ELSE WANTS! And that will work into exactly what my VISION calls for! So cool.

You may ask, "What is your vision Gregory?", to which I am inclined to let you in on my little secret! I want to help employ the unemployed in a down economy, help other people enjoy the American Dream by owning a home that might not have otherwise known they could, get the banks back to being LENDERS and not holders of RE, help turn MY city around buy increasing the values of other homes!(NOTE: Thank You CBR for your inspiration in this area!)

Now then, Should I succeed with my vision, I truely believe I WILL, I will pass on everything that works for me so the rest of the DG Team can run with it if they choose!

Time to get to work!

Thursday 5/22

Plenty of competition in my area for buying homes right now. Homes are selling above listing prices as soon as they come out. Very little left on the market. I had an appointment today with my new Realtor, Lisa, and she seems very interested in working with me. She has a very good attitude and a great understanding of the market in my area and also the surrounding communities. She is going to check with my broker to see exactly where he stands with me. It's all good. Using Dean's system is going to work no matter what my situation is. Fortunately I have worked very hard and very lucky to keep my credit in excellent standing and I have some savings and retirement.

I need to do more on my website (Man, do I stink at web design stuff! I'll probably have to end up hiring that out?) to get it set up. I still need to set up the 1-800 phone lines. Funds are tight as I am trying to work my budget into submission. I'm a little to loose on the purse strings for my comfort. I plan on getting my flyers and business cards done this weekend. Posting them by the first week in June.

I am having to pack to get ready to move, helping out my roomie with some of the repairs and touch ups on his house still. Have to be out by June 30th at the latest I think? I am moving with him to the new place until I get my own place. That's a whole other chapter for another time...way to cool! He is a great roomie!

My friend/coworker is excited about Dean's system as well. After talking with her about what I am doing she got all excited and ordered the book PFRERN and I am letting her use my BARM. In turn she is letting me use her Laptop until I can get my own! WIN/WIN.

My biggest enemy is myself! I have days where I can see my future plain as day. Then I have days where I seem to say to myself, "What are you doing? You really think this is going to work?!". I have to argue with myself and say "YES!, Absolutely this is going to work!". There are some really great people cheering me on and helping me out. Where my doubts begin to come in is when I see the expressions on some of my friends faces when I tell them I'm a RE Investor. Their doubts or objections are hurtful. I also want everything to happen right american is that!? Instant gratification! So, following Dean's advice I continually have to distance myself from the OLD negative and seek the NEW positive people that will make the difference in the outcome. I need to stay focused and keep working forward setting new goals.

I'm going to start a saving fund for Dean's Academy to further propel me in the direction I need to go. I have a feeling though that once I do my first deal, the business will take on a life of it's own. I'm excited for these people that want to be TEAM members and I want to work hard at not letting them down. There really are some great people in this world willing to help others succeed.

Oh! I think the BEST part of my day came today when my agent, Lisa, asked if I knew of any plumbers? Her plumber hurt his back and can't complete a job for her on a FHA home that needs work. Well, my next door neighbor just happens to be a plumber that is struggling to find work right now! I told him Tuesday I wanted to put him to work soon on some of my homes. He got excited and tomorrow he's getting a call from Lisa! YES! My business plan is working already and I haven't even made my first deal!


I hope everything is on track for you. I find that each day I write a list of what I need to do and categorize it as must do's, can do if I have time, and fun items to do. I always try to get to the fun items, so it helps me get through my list. Dean has discussed the importance of the "WHY" you are doing this. Hopefully, when you determine the "WHY" the daily effort and the plan will get a little easier for you. Good luck on all your deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling Indiana-Joe


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Keep on Keeping on...

Well, things are getting a little out of sorts and off track for me. Couldn't get even one goal scratched off the list this weekend! No excuses, just didn't 'Get UR done'. Staying stationary is not good. At least I still know where to start next, same place I left off!