Newbie with hope and motivation

Newbie with hope and motivation

Hi everybody Eye-wink

First of all I would like to thank everybody here for all the support you give. I ordered Deans book "Profit from RE right now" a few weeks back and I just finished reading it. I can't tell you how great his book is and it has motivated me even more. I have been interested in RE for quite some time now but I didn't how to do it.
I got married about 1 year ago and 12 days later my son was born. My husband moved back to NC after living in Germany. So I decided to move to the US for him. Well, I hoped it would be better but I am grateful for what we have although it is not much. I am a stay at home mom and my hubby is the one who is earning the money.
My biggest problem is that I don't know anybody here. I have no friends and no family here so it is even harder for me to get started in REI.
Since we don't have a lot of money and me not having a SSN yet or a Credit I was hoping that I can start my REI carer with assignment deals. I just don't really know how to get it started. Should I try to find Investors first or should I find properties first? I have been looking in the newspaper ads for investors but it is always the same 2 in there.

I really hope you guys can help me through my tough times. I really would appreciate it.
Maybe there are some of you in my Area I live in Durham, NC.

Much love and blessing to all of you guys.



Go GEtT em!

I am much like you in that I just moved to my current city 9 months ago. And like you I moved 1600 miles away. Thus it can be scary not knowing anyone and where to start looking for your markets information.
Best advice for you is to find a local REI club. I just joined one yesterday and already it has opened up connections. Other investors, hard money lenders and much more.
Here to get you started go to
Triangle Real Estate Investors Association (TREIA)
Contact Person: Ray Lable
Meeting Location: North Raleigh Hilton
Meeting Address: 3415 Wake Forest Road
City, State Zip: Raleigh, North Carolina 27609
Meeting Time: 3rd Tuesday , 6:45 p.m.
Web Site:
Email: rlable@****

Now you have the knowledge...TAKE ACTION

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