do i need a venture partner for iee/assignes

do i need a venture partner for iee/assignes

do i need any kind of venture partner if i just start off with bird dogging deals for other investors or can i make money with out the hassle of trying to find a partner? i started getting my network together and am looking at houses now. i do plan on keeping properties after i get my bank account healthy but for now i am content to just be a middle man. wont always be that way and i am motavated so it will be short order there are no problems only soloutions!!


Venture Partners

Hello Paul,

I'm a newbie so if any one can correct me I'd appreciate it. As far as I'm seeing I would say you would not need one. Unless of course you are looking for support financially or just want someone by your side.Unless you are referring to having a realtor by your side which appears to be great.

Bird dogging is usually done with you and your team and/or resources which you've aquired.

Same goes for doing IEE and Assignments.

As far as I've picked up on, your team should consist of:

An excellent realtor
A real estate attorney to bounce things off of from time to time
Buyers (of
A good mortgage broker if you are soliciting buyers that need loans
A good title co. if you want to do double closings and subect to's

As far as resources:

Some good search sites (for pre-forclosure, etc)
Town hall
and your eyeballs (for use when driving past potential

Anything else anyone wants to add... or delete Smiling would be appreciated

Hope this helps...


got all my ducks almost in

got all my ducks almost in a row.will have a agent and a mortgage broker and title co by the end of next week,as far as an attorny i am still shoping around.but still i am ready to jump in with both feet today!

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