Miko's Journals

Miko's Journals

Hi, everyone:

I have been reading the book and am in the success academy in about 20 days now. I haven't done any deal yet, but hoping I will have one pretty soon. I found myself ahead of the schedule, I meant, I have finished all the courses that assigned to me for the first two weeks, but before I finish all action items I already have two buyers that really want to work with me, therefore, before I get too into any detail training, I started looking properties for them.

They are very specific with a designated zip code want to invest in. I just found 5 potential properties and contacted one agent start looking for comp prices for me.

I called the advisor line, they said I'm doing pretty good just remember to review how to examine the property before visit the property. Now, since I'm a little ahead of myself, I feel a little scared and need someone to talk to or get inspiration from.

I will really appreciate if you leave a message to encourage me or anything you can think of that will help me with my current situation.

I really hope there will be some sort of meeting for people in Dallas Ft. Worth area to meet up and share their stories. I kind of doing this on my own without anyone's support. I meant the only person that knows about this is my boy friend and also my family oversea. I really hope my first deal will soon come so I can start telling people what I do. I meant, I really don't have the courage to start telling people that im REI when I haven't even have my first deal yet. I'm also not having a register buisness yet simply because I don't want to fail and waste money on register my business. I know it's pretty bad to think that way, but I can't carry more debt on my credit card and will need to have first fast cash deal to cover my business set up fees.

Thanks for reading this, I hope to hear your story if you were like me when you first started.




Hi Miko, I am new to investing as well and I just finished reading Deans book. I have not signed up for the success academy yet, although I might in the future. I feel pretty confident I can start out doing assignments and then go from there. Its awesome that you already have some buyers lined up and you know where to look for them. How did you find your buyers?

Dont worry to much, sounds like you are on the right track. Oh,from what I've read on here there is plenty of support. As far as the starting a business thing goes, I agree I'm going to wait on that as well. I'm in the Oklahoma City area so not to far away from ya. Just be confident and don't let anyone tell you can't do this.


Congratulations on reading Dean's book and being a part of the DG website. The book and website are packed with an abundance of information. It sounds like you are on the right track and you have hit the ground running. Each day just set out with a plan and work the plan. After several weeks, you will not believe how far you have come with your knowledge of real estate and knowledge is power. Good luck on all your deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling Indiana-Joe


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