Sound barrier

Sound barrier

So I can really feel the confidence flowing through me after today. Currently I have attracted a Realtor who will work with me. Apparently I am bringing new investing strategies to the area I am living in. So I guess I can start out with a Huge "Thank You" to Dean. My Realtor has been in the business for eleven years and I'm so happy she is willing to work with such a green Investor. She will be a great match for my team and she is ready to lend me her expertise every step of the way.
I have really experienced a shift in myself the past few months and I think I have really found my calling. I'm living on almost nothing with a part-time job and bills piling up. Yet still I can feel that very soon I am going to have a deal under my belt and everything will expand from there like a chain reaction. I can almost touch this reality.
It reminds me of a quote Chuck Yeager said at his interview after breaking the sound barrier, "Just before you break through the sound barrier is when the cockpit shakes the most".
Well it's shaking for real, but I can see the other side.
I just have so much gratitude in my heart that fate lead me to Dean's infomercial. I can't wait to thank him in person some day. Maybe I can show him this journal entry when I see him.


jason king,

Congratulations on starting your REI journal. I hope your plan of action is moving along for you and you are breakign the sound barrier of information towards the next deal. Please keep us all updated on your progress. Good luck with REI. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Coming along

Thought I'd update this journal today. I haven't had the time lately. I'm trying to manage time with co-running a General Contracting company and trying to educate myself, meet with Investors, and sift through 400 properties that my Realtor is sending me. I will have them sorted to my criteria by the end of this weekend and she can put offers in on them.
I recently went to a local Investors meeting and added four Investors to my buyers list. Now from this REIA meeting I also obtained by word of mouth an Attorney that deals with Investors and does IEE's, Assigns, Lease Options etc. Now that's dynamite!
I interviewed a Mortgage Broker and she is a perfect fit for my team. My Realtor recommended her to me and I really have to thank her for trusting me and venturing out on what will be for her, a new path with an Investor.
My marketing is out there for motivated buyers and I will be getting calls from them any day now.
I can't wait to do my first deal. Or as they call it....Get that Goof-Ball deal out of the way.

Until next time


It has been a little slow for me the past few weeks as my finances have almost dried up and I am trying to find creative ways to make my first deal happen. I know that as long as I am in the mix, and keep putting effort forward I will succeed. I guess this entry is being created more so for me so I can look back at it and laugh at those times of experiencing lack.
I will succeed and I will continue on the path until it becomes second nature for me to find deals and sell or hold them until the right opportunity arises.

I am thinking my goal is to find deals that are so great that I can help a family make the down payment on their first house out of some of the equity I'm selling. That would make me happy.

Until next time,


Just a short note: WOW I just won a Live EDGE Event box set and I am ecstatic!! I will look back on this day for the rest of my life and know that this was the day that I was able to really boost taking action toward a fantastically amazing new life. I'm blown away, I still don't know what to say!

Thank you so much DG


Jason I am so glad for you. It looks like winning the E.D.G.E. event home course will help you get closer to your goals.


Wow I haven't made an entry in quite a while. I have covered quite a bit of ground in this last year.
I have moved twice and that sure has hindered my setting up shop as a successful REI. My Lovely Wife Jodie is a Flight Attendant and we have made a couple moves for her work. We are in a permanent location now.
We moved form NY to Roanoke, VA first. There I had my team all set up and just began my marketing strategy when we up and moved to Treasure Island, FL.
So now we are living in Paradise and things are coming to me quite effortlessly now. Today alone just through referrals I obtained a great Mortgage Broker, a Wet Funds lender for double closings and a Guru RE Attorney. I'm ready to apply my marketing strategies now, and my property locators are in full effect.
The good life is on its way. I can't wait to overflow with abundance so I can give back to the world.
Looking back I have to say that I really appreciate all that Dean has done for me and the DG Family. I will definitely pay everything forward soon.

That's all for now

Congrats Jason!

I enjoyed reading your journal so much. I relate completely to where you were when you started, how you knew in your heart this was going to work for you, and especially loved the sound barrier quote! Great stuff. And I am so happy to see that despite your moves you are staying on course and making things happen. I look forward to following your journey in REI and reading about your great successes Smiling