Wm357 Journal

Wm357 Journal

Well finally found were to post my writings. Now to start over.



Star date log Jun 5, 2009. I finally was able to talk with a realtor about the houseing market. I let him know what I was trying to do as an investor.

He wanted to sell me house but, told him that was not what I want to do. Seems like a nice guy. Wants to get me into condo's and to buy full price or over just to make sure I get the offer.

Haven't done that yet, put an add on craiglist for Investor's wanted. Had a Investment Company email me. Not sure if they want to sell stuff or looking for houses. Need to call him or email and find out.

Been reading more and taking tons of notes, still alittle scared to make that first deal or call not sure if I would say the wrong thing.

What do you do if an investors ask you how long you have been buying and selling homes. What do you say. My birthday is coming up soon another year older and still feel like stuck in rut but, this is the most I have done to start something like this it seems like it is taking forever. I read other people's blogs and they seem to do it very quickly. Maybe I'm missing something. I will continue on money is tight, dedt is piling up!!!!! but hey it's My Birthday soon. Until next time. Wm357 out.

entry log

Well read a few sites and asked a few question that's a start. I have to keep my brain thinking about it. Drive by houses and just go look inside and say what if or why not. Im problem is my other half has no confidence in what I do. Enen though I told her to move her money out of the market into something so she wouldnt lose anymore. Do I get the credit NO. This has to work for me all I need is one deal to do it right to see how easy it is. Wm357 out.


Congratulations on starting your REI career. I am sure you will have some ups and downs but keep the faith and keep moving forward. As people inquire how long you have been in the business be honest and over time you will gain more knowledge and confidence. Stick with it and the deals will come. Good luck. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Starting out

Hey Joe, thanks for encouragement but, would I say I'm new to investing or haven't had much experience in it.

Entry log

Well back in my captain chair, early Sunday boys still asleep. Only time for me I've started reading more sites and getting information. Looked up investment clubs in my area. They are all talking about workshops, want money to help me in investing. Sent out emails to a few asking for first time entry fee be waived. Not to many in my area have to drive to them. Sent email to Investment company asking what they are looking for but, he has not responded he wants me to call for details, whats up with that will see. Well my crew is waking up and they want food so until next time I'll keep reading and writing notes. Wm357 out.

log entry

Well here it is fathers day, took boys out to play catch. Had a great time drove thru some nieghborhoods saw tons of house for sale, thinking I wonder how much that one is. It's tuff to do this an go out and do research but, I realy have to keep going cause, I do not want to miss this window again. Listened to DG's phone call on website, thought that was realy good information. Took more notes-bills backing up, now I'm scratching my head to pay them. Company taking it's toll, there IS a light at the end of this journey I know it. It only takes 1. Miss you Dad (happy fathers day)


Happy father's Day! Just a note of inspiration to say keep moving towards you goals of financial freedom. Just know that this is a once in our life time opportunity that has happened! That we are just one step away. I have found that the biggest obstacle for me to get over is myself. Stay on the site it helps to keep you motivated. See you at the top! Continued success to you.......Lubertha



making it work

Well if things can't get any worse. Just got news from school about my son. They are now telling us he has a learning disability. Now we have to have him tested by specialist, which the school does not pay for. Sometimes I feel my boat is sinking slowly. Running out of money but, have to find it somewere to pay for the testing, back to working 20 hour days. Were do I find the time for me!. Some news I actually went to court house to look up some house to see what I realy need to do. Make sure I kinda know what I'm doing. That was very intense looking up numbers, names, address, which buttons to push. Will have to go back again stay alittle longer an experiment on it. Well just wanted to drop a note, I'm still alive I hope. See ya all in my next session LOL.

Finally sittng down

Well here it is Friday, thought I would write down some house information and go check it out at the court house. Just wanted to get used to going and figureing things out. Would'nt you know it was closed today to save money for the state, go figure. Trying to stay informed keep reading blogs and post. Have'nt been able to getout there strong yet hope to sometime. Been working long hours to get money to pay child's testing. Need something good to happen or maybe I'm just being tested. still in dept paying some cards down. If it's not one thing it's another. Well until next time when I have free time. See ya smile .

What else could go wrong"

Well finaly sitting down again. 11/3/09. Seems there is never enough time in a day for me. Went to doctor's oh sure what else but, surgery. Have to pull more money out of my A/////. Bad enough son needs more tuitoring means more money. When does it end. Am I just being tested or going to the low point in my life. When I reach that point there's nowhere else to go but, up I hope. Wife yell's an nags about what I want to do with RE to much negativaty here but, I keep going slowly not letting her know what I'm doing I guies that's not the right thing to do but, it's the only thing for me. She's complaining about no money, hello I'm try'in aint that right. Well till next time I get free time. So many house out there "