Gudfella797's Journal

Gudfella797's Journal

Just signed up for Dean's academy, looking forward to the first call. Looked for business cards last night, and researched LLCs and LLPs. I like the benefits of an LLC but not sure if I'm ready to go that route yet, since getting financing under an LLC seems to be a problem, in MD it will cost about $200 to get the LLC set up. Need more info. on this subject from someone that has already got one in place.

Wrote down some goals, and created a calendar in google. Watched the orientation video also.


Gudfella797's Journal

Got that first phone call from Dean's academy, talked to Sherry. She created a lesson plan for me and asked me to contact a local CPA to get an understanding of the difference between the various forms of business structures.

Completed two lessons from the Website, working on the third one. I'm scared and feaked out, this seems like a lot of work, not sure if these strageies will work. I'm trying to leave doubts behind me and just focusing on doing what needs to be done and beleiving that it will work. LETS HOPE SO! Paid quite a lot of money for this program.

Conducted searches on where in my area I'd like to invest, researched the neighborhoods online and wrote down the names of the cities. Created a list of skills I have and skills I need to develop.


nice job...Congrats on starting up...Getting started is def the hardest part...Trying to leave the fears behind, and do something that you know nothing about...At the same time, it is the same thing with starting a regular job...Ya don't know what to expect, but you get through it anyways...

Def go through all the lessons, but make sure you continue actually doing...Cause that is even more important...Study as much as you can, but the action part will take you so much further.

Good luck and much success


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"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal" Henry Ford
~"Success doesn't come to you...You go to it" Marva Collins~

Gudfella797's Journal

First off, Marc, thanks for your comment and advise will definately put it to good use....

I did some research today found this really cool website that evaluates schools in the your area. I learned that renters and buyers like to put their kids in good schools, so being able to evaluate schools in the area helps you evalaute the area for potential investiment property. Dee ta dee! That's so simple why did I not think of that before!

Also found a website that provides deomgraphic, home prices and income level data of Maryland cities. Helps me figure out the income level of different cities in Maryland and the website also tracks changes in market price for homes.

Things to do- I need to come up with a business name and order business cards. I'm not sure what I have to do to start a business in Maryland so i need to figure that out too. Also, need to contact investors in the area and join an investment club. Create advertising that will drive buyers and sellers to me. Develop my team I think I need: an agent, a broker, a handy man, a title company, a lawyer, a CPA and an Appraiser.


Congratulations on starting your journal and hitting the ground running with your REI. It sounds like you are working your plan and staying on track. The persistenace will pay off and you will have your team and structure in place as you discover more deals. Good luck with REI and it is great to have you be a part of the DG community. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Hi Indiana-Joe, I had a chance this morning to read some of your posts on your journal, you are an inspiration. I hope to start working deals like the way have been doing. I gotta go work on my 9-5 now but will be back tonight to start working on my REI. Thanks for your comment.

Gudfella797's Journal

Finally came up with a business name! This was really difficult had a bunch of different names jotted down, finally got one that we all like. Desinged busness cards and got a PO Box set up. Developed a monthly marketing and operating budget. Finished the marketing part one course and called the academy to get some questions answered on contract assignment, this was the first call, was pretty nice and comforting to have someone to talk to about this stuff.. Researched voice mail box services...

Tell us what is your

Tell us what is your business name? I also took a long time to figure my name it is Entrepreneur Spirit LLC and in CA we pay $800 in taxes!!


Stop thinking just DO IT!

Cashflow's question

Hi Cashflow thanks for your question, the business name I finally settled on is The Da Ve group. I've got a meeting with a local small business advisor to figure out what would be the best approach for setting up my business, (ie LLC, or S-corp, etc.) Once I get a chance to talk it out with the CPA I'm going to go and file with the State. I live in Maryland, wish I lived in Cali... I grew up in the OC SoCal.

Gudfella797's journal

Got a phone interview with the loan officer today, to figure out if she would like to take part in the team. I got a realtor lined up and am looking for a handyman. I need to get the po box set up for the business, the post office is only open during normal working hrs so with the 9-5 taking up most of my time its kinda difficult to get to the post office to take care of it. Once i have that i can get the business cards set up and also start putting the ads out with the name and phone number, everywhere. I called one of the investors in my area to hear his voicemail box to see how he was sifting thru the calls. I need to do something similar. REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THE SUCCESS BLITZKRIEG CONFERENCE CALL WITH DEAN TONIGHT!!! Read thru the newsletter he sent out earlier this morning. Oh also read thru the first book recommended by the academy from Napoleon Hill the keys to success... I'M PUMPED!!!


Good luck and we are happy that you are with us !!

Paul Smiling

Great Conference call last night

Paul thanks for your comment. Great conference call last night. I learned that I'm running all different directions trying to do way to much, implementing strategies from the books. I realize now that I should be focusing one strategy at a time.

conference call is great

I think all of us get so excited, and want to go the hundred different directions...And then some get overwhelmed...If you can get really good at one thing, then imagine what that could do...And then work on another thing, and continue doing what you are really good at...Things will take off...Things also don't happen overnight, so working one thing may help things take off quicker...


***Something to Believe In***
"If you want something, GO GET IT...PERIOD" Will Smith
"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal" Henry Ford
~"Success doesn't come to you...You go to it" Marva Collins~


Remember FOCUS

Try one strategy and then another and find one that work for you. If you like to write then send letter for advetizig if you are good with internet then do online marketing. What fits your personality?


Stop thinking just DO IT!

Got my COA number set up!

Marc and Cashflow thanks for your comments. I completely agree with what you guys are saying, its just that I get really exicted and try to run in all directions. But then I come here and listen to what you guys are telling me and I re-group. I truly appreciate your comments! I feel like the rookie, listening to the Pros.


kay so I finally got my number set up today. Here it is 877 879 8064, its kinda funny listening to my voice over the call box but whatever i think it sounds alright, if you guys get a chance to to drop by and listen, then please do so, also please provide any constructive critisicsm (spelling errors everywhere!). My next step, I need to get the signs set up to drive traffic to that number NOW!!!

Also, I went thru the REI site and found all REI investment club meetings in my area, and set it up on my google calender so that I know when they are meeting. I'm going to go there with a chain and lock everyone in and get their criteria. just kidding!


Haven't heard from you in a couple of days and how's the Academy is going for you ? Wish I could be in Dean's Academy too but I am very limited right now because I can't hear the phones, videos and the audios they provided for us if we are the member. Some day I will achieve it somehow and I always find a way. Good luck !!

Warm regards,


Thanks Paul

Okay so I've been really busy with REI lately and not had a chance to come her and update the journal. As I mentioned before I created my COA mailbox, but had trouble with the voice recording, i had recorded it on my computer but every time i tried to upload it, crapped out on me. I had to finally get the helpdesk person to do it, and it took him like a whole day to get it done. I spoke with a the loan officer on Monday and got myself per-qualified. I spoke with the Academy on using VA loans, they told me to talk the local VA specialist, I did, and learned that I could use my VA many times to buy properties as long as I was under the county cap. I created all my flyers for my AFF strategy, just need to print them and post them. I put out ads on Cragislist and learned that I can market in my local penny saver for free! I can also buy signs from my local staples for 10/sign, my design, i need to print them out now. I had a awesome phone conversation with a member of the The Tax Club, I joined, so now i have a CPA and a Lawyer on my team that specialize in real estate. Oh also, did i mention I got myself incorporated as an S-corp!!! Yup all legal and up and running my small business, The Da Ve Group Inc. Its been an amazing 2 weeks so far, I can't believe how far I have come. I have so much more to do!!!

I can't sleep at night and every morning, I get up around 3-4 am and start working on my REI stuff, it doesn't even feel like work to me because its all mine. Its like a really cool hobby....that i love to do. My whole perspective has changed! I feel like that moment in The Matrix, where the kid says "there is no spoon."

One more thing

I spoke to the local REI group poc and the guy hung up on me! He was like I don't do that anymore and before i can get a word out, it was like CLUNK! That got me mad, but then I learned that, that was a small failure, and I remember reading from Dean somewhere that a failure lets you know that you are one step closer to success! Normally I would carry that and be ****ed about it for a the rest of the day, but today I was happy.

Paul to answer your question

Hey Paul, I wrote all that and realized I didn't really answer your question. Part of the reason I joined PMI was because they give you a foundation to jump start yourself off of, also, there is a helpdesk you can call anytime to get advise on any topic and they are totally cool about it. Also, they charge you a boat load to get started so now I have huge credit card debt, which inspires me to work my butt off!!! Because I have my feet to the fire and I know that payment is due soon. If I did not have so much money in it already, I don't think I would try as hard as I am right now! Also there are a lot of little things they teach you and leave you with action steps, you are not supposed to move onto the next lesson until you have finished the action steps, some of which are the ones I have been doing and posting on lately.


I posted a couple ads on craigslist and the local penny saver last night to advertise my phone number and the recorded message. I like the fact that they are free, atleast the pennysaver online in my area is free. I went to check to see if it was posted this morning and to see what else was out there for me and found an ad that looked like it was from a fellow DG member. The funniest thing, I normally don't follow up on these things but something inside me told me to write to this person. So I did and it turns out he is a DG member! We ended up chatting after i got off of work later today and a re-newed sense of confidence came over me. Other weird things have started to happen around me, it seems paths are starting to line up, and my wife and i feel like we are marching to a new beat. I'm loving this new feeling I am completely out of my element and yet i have this sense of calm and confidence where fear and doubt used to reside. I am filled with hope...


Good job on taking action and getting your recorded message, etc. Good for you on getting out there. If that other DG member is in your area you might want to partner with them. It is always good to have someone by your side and go thru this venture with someone. If not, atleast you guys can still talk and keep each other motivated. Good luck and let us know if you get any bites on those ads.



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Journal Entry

Thanks Jeremy that's kinda what we talked about over the phone, it was a pretty interesting conversation. We all have the same doubts and fears and normally i would not voice them but this time around it was like we were both on the same wavelength, and I had just barely met the dude...

So updates for today, I got 3 buyers who might be interested in the properties I might have.. hey its a start right. All three are currently buying and all have different criteria. So now i have my work cut out for me, I printed out like 200 flyers today, this Saturday is going to be a one big flyer party! I also ordered 25 some yard signs from Dirt Cheap Signs, they have really good rates. Can't wait to get them so that I can post them all around town....

Its been awhile

I lost my grandpa on June 27th he was 92 at the time of his death. I spent the week of the 28th thru the 3rd in Cali getting things ready for his funeral and finally cremating his body. I had a lot of time to reflect and wonder about my life and what this all means. I think I am going to choose to live this life to the fullest, at the time of my death I don't want to have any regrets, or doubts about what I should have done and why I didn't follow my heart and take a shot on something. On the flight back all I could think about was how short life is and that I am going to leave here the same way I came here with nothing of material value. But while I'm here why not make the most of what has been provided to me and work to achieve all my dreams. I didn't work on REI at all until I got back, and then started back up in full force.

My condolences to you and your family

I am sorry about your loss and you had to take care of family business in Cali. I am glad you are back and taking full force and get that ball rolling again. Yes we all live once and life is very short. I wish you much in success !!

Warm regards,

Paul T. La Moy

my condolences

Also a New REI. Have enjoyed your journal and all the wonderful responses. Have some things in common. That 9-5 and trying to focus on all the things that need to be done. Get the Team tgether, Get the Business registered, Business cards, Join or attend Local REI groups,Start that Buyers list.It's a little overwhelming to start.
Good Luck. Keep moving forward.


goes out to you. I don't know how religious you may be or are; know this you will leave here with more than nothing! Keep strong in your faith and pray for your grandfather and those who have gone before him & you. Trust that you will meet them again in next life. This world is only a Test to propel you to the next level of your life. I've enjoy reading your journal and I'm looking forward to you sharing with us all of your deals. Welcome to DG family! Smiling


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24. He is Allah: the Creator, the Maker, the Fashioner: His are the most beautiful names. Whatever is in the heavens and the earth declares His glory: and He is the Mighty, the Wise.

Thank you

DG family thank you for your comments, you help me take that next step when things get overwhelming and I'm down emotionally and I feel like I can't go on.


I got my signs from the dirt cheap people, they look great! The flyers are ready just need to get them out there.

A cool tip-

I've been downloading books on my Ipod so that I can listen to them instead of having to read them. It helps because my wife and I listen to the books on the 45 min drive to and from work, and when we go out to look at properties. I've always got a book to listen to when I'm cleaning up around the house or taking care of errands. Thought I'd share that will the family.

Update as of 7/24/09

So I've been following the no money down strategy and checking out properties and driving around different neighborhoods in my area. I've been putting up signs that point people to my phone line and also posting flyers where possible. So far no deal yet! I can't wait till I get my first deal. I have gotten some hits on my call box from people that have read my signs, but no one has yet to leave a message. I'm charting new routes, some of my sings got stolen I lost 5 signs last weekend! These things are expensive!

I'm switching my style up a little bit, I use to put sings outside of a main entrance street that led into a pretty populated neighborhood, but thats where they kept getting stolen. So now I'm resorting to putting sings in the middle of intersections. I'm going to see how that works out...

I've been keeping a good record of my spending on the business so far, I'm using quicken for business, for my record keeping.

7/26/09 update

Bandit signs as they are called in my area are illegal. I HAD NO CLUE! I've been putting signs up all over my area, not realizing I'm breaking the law. Its hard to market to sellers. I have a bunch of buyers that are interested in buying properties now, I just don't have any sellers! I had been doing the signs thing but I'm going to have to stop doing that now.

A marketing website if anyone reading is interested: Takes your flyer and posts it all over the web and provides an html code to put a professional flyer on craigslist. Best of all you can get it for FREE!

8/2/09 Update

I GOT THE EDGE! I've been watching the edge dvds even got my wife to sit down with me and watch some of the interviews. She is super exicted about REI, before it was just me with little support from her, but now its the both of us going at this together. The EDGE program is SUPER WORTH THE PRICE!!!

I've been going to a lot of real estate investing groups around my area, and been meeting a lot of wholesaler and re-habers. I met a couple of hard money lenders too the other day, been collecting business cards. I'm working on getting deals by searching the MLS sites in my area and putting in offers at 50% of the value, using the Matt Larson approach this time.

One more thing

BTW- I turned 30 on July 26th.

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