I heard that a couple in my town is trying to sell their house with raffle tickets. The ticket is like $100.00 and was thinking boy they gave to sell alot of tickets to meet for their asking price of over $225,000. This will be interesting to see if someone wins a dream house. I will keep you posted ! Have the greatest day as ever

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Thanks for the information. Years ago I did see a local not-for-profit do the same thing but it was a brand new house. They stated that there had to be a mininum number of tickets sold. Please keep us posted on this. Good luck on all your deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Did you buy a ticket?? If you did then I wish you luck. Just curious tho, is that something legal? Jeremy


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Jeremy & Joe

I would never buy tickets and just wanted to know what you guys think of this raffle concepts. I dont know if it is legal or not. I heard that someone did that a few years ago and it didnt work out and had to give back all the monies to the people. They didnt sell enough tickets I guess.

Have a great day !!

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