new to the graziosi way of life

new to the graziosi way of life

New to program - excited - broke - and ready to turn my life around
Hi to all - for the last two weeks i have read deans books cover to cover and cant wait to start. I'm 51 years old have been though a nasty divoice and am facing foreclosure on the home i retained in the divoice, the silver lining is that i have meet a wonderful women and we are planning to get married, before i meet brenda i had given up, she has brought me back to life, i now want to do all i can to make our lifes perfect, we both have jobs that take many hours a week away from us and look forward to being independent of our weekly pay checks. the problem is the divoice has cost me everything, bad credit, no savings and debt so far over my head, i cant see how i can move forward. I need some help with getting creative to creative to get my first deal. Once i get it I know there will be no stoping me. I would ask for any suggestions you guys have on some real creative ways of getting though the first one.
happy to be on board,



For of all I am so happy that your new woman brought your life back and also glad you are with us. First of all of all you have to go out look for properties and find some good deals and once you feel that it is a good one and just post again for help and we will help you with some of our creative ideas. Have a good one !

Warm regards,

Paul T. La Moy

thanks - i have already

thanks - i have already started the process - and look forward to any advice i can get from all - hopefully i will be posting a deal real soon


Sorry to hear about your divorce. Atleast you are happy now, and just let all your losses motivate you even more to be successful in real estate! I wish you luck. You read the books now just take action! Start looking for those properties. Keep us posted on what you do. Jeremy


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Congratulations on being a member of the best real estate website anywhere...the DG website community. I am sure you will meet some great investors and find even more information. Dean's books are packed with information, tips and techniques. You may want to take a look back at Matt Larson's story because it is very inspiring. Maybe you can assign some deals to build up some cash to get off to a fast start. Good luck with REI. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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to the DG community. Don't look back, keep your sight on the horizon; better tomorrow will eventually come!


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Hey Larry!!!

WELCOME!!! A lil tidbit for ya... if you have Profit From Real Estate Right Now, at the end of each chapter it gives you a sort of action plan, try stickin to that and see how it works... maybe after you get a little bigger you can get an 800 number and all that.

I almost ALWAYS use this as a first time example but it never fails lol.

The newspaper is your friend, just call a seller and ask them the qualifying questions in the book... can't go wrong with learning how conversations like that go and being comfortable with them. You don't even have to be remotely interested in the property. At some point, or even with the same seller, set up a due diligence and practice taking a look at houses, hopefully a somewhat beat down one so you know what to look for... I say this cause its hard to find something wrong with a pristine house (lol you shoulda seen my first due diligence practice house. Talk about perfect)

You don't need money for this type of field... just keep going and keep coming back!!! You'll see...

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thanks to all

alot of great advice - wish i pulled the trigger last year when i frist saw dean - llooked at three properties over the weekend - all for sales by owners and am in the process of meeting the owners this week - i feel like i know all of you and have no doubt that i will have many questions as i try to sercure my first deal
will update you all soon


Glad to have you w/ us, congratulations for taking the 1st step! You have some good responses here. If you have more questions, never hesitate to ask. There are so many people here who desire to help others.

Hope to hear success stories soon! Good luck! Smiling

Larry Listen To Me

you are coming form where I have been. I won't bore u with stories, but just to let you know that I have been there and had it done to me. Anyway, it appears you are short some $$$$ and a little nervous. Ok, quick fix for you. Not a ton of money, but until you get your feet wet, it will bring in some coin. Find out where your local REI club meets and join it. You are going to bird dog my man. Go to the meetings, talk with other investors, and be their point man. You find them good deals and you get paid for it. That simple. Those were my first 2 deals worth $1,000.00 You have to join a REI club. Write me a PM and let me know how it goes. Everyone here will help you Larry,,, FOR FREE!! Now go find and join a club.....Much luck to you...Jan

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