what i've learned will help you....

what i've learned will help you....

I'm creating this journal to help as many people as possible. Ever since I've took my first step to become an investor I've met some wounderful people that's been working with me and helping me along the way. So I know how good guidance can someones little flame and turn it into a roaring fire.

Before I give you my tips and steps I would like to tell you how I got into real estate.

Growing up I live in a single family then moved to a two family home with my mother, cousin, and grandmother. I remember having birthday parties in the back yard, family get togethers in our living room, bbq almost every saterday, I truly loved it. All that came to an end around age 14 when my grandmother being the loving and careing person she is didn't want to kick our tenant out after missing 3 months rent. So long story short we were forced to move. That move was such a set back we had to to find an apartment to rent(we found a 3 bedroom apartment and there were 4 of us), so now we live in a two family house and its cool but there's nothing like owning your own house. Ever sence we went from owning to renting, I've wanted my on house.

One day I showed my girlfriend the goals I've sset for myself, and she seen that I wanted to own my on home and she wanted the same. So we decided to start working towards it. I couple of days later I told a friend of mines about my new venture I was going to take on and that's when I was introduce to deans book. He showed me the deans list and its been down hill sence. I ordered both books by dean. Read them both and took my first step....

I would really like to thank dean for the chapter about mental blocks, that helped me a lot in my personal life more then he can possibly imagine... so again thanks dean...

Next entry.....my first couple of steps...


I will never accept defeat there for I will never fail


Congratulations on reading Dean's books and being an active member on the DG site. Good luck with all your current andfuture deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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sounds like you've got the tiger by the tail.

My first step to turning my

My first step to turning my real estate dream into a reality was buying deans last two books.

After I finish reading both books I started looking for buyers and investors, and once I found enough I put them in a order of the type of properties they wanted

In that time my girlfriend/business partner found us a real estate agent to work with using Technics she learn from deans book. Once we had a real estate agent I ran into a road block. I was scared to take the next step. I didn't know what to do. So that's when I introduce myself to this website. I just kept reading peoples question and replies. I read tips, goals, idea, if it was on this site I read. After a while I started helping other people by answering some of there questions. Then I realized my fear was not knowing and once I learn what I needed to know I lost the fear of taking the next step...

You fear what you don't know...


I will never accept defeat there for I will never fail


Thanks for the support its truly appreciated....


I will never accept defeat there for I will never fail


wholesaling and investing, it's because you dont understand something. get more info & education figure it out and get moving....reread the books watch videos and ask ???'s on this site. If your able to join "Insiders Elite" you can have all of deans books on audio and so much more.