Paul's Surgery went well today !!

Paul's Surgery went well today !!

Hi guys and I am just tired and I left a message for you all on the other (Cochlear Implant) website earlier.





Congratulations! That's great news! Thanks for keeping the DG family informed. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Congrats Paul, glad to hear everything went well for you. Hope to see alot more posts from you soon.

AWSOME Paul!! congrats! good

AWSOME Paul!! congrats! good luck going forward.

Had no doubts

Paul, I had no doubts that everything will go as God planned. As Joe always says, "Believe and Achieve." Congrats Paul. Now that does not mean that you are rushing things, you still have to take it easy to allow the healing process to occur. Please get some rest intermittently. God Bless.



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The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...

I'm pretty new in the DG fam., but I can tell you Paul, your life experience is resulting in praise and adoration to the Most High God.
This DG family is evolving into something much more than was expected, I'm sure.
Fasten your seatbelt, its just going to get better.

God's Highest and Best to you and your family.

Sunday healing

Good morning you all

I am feeling better each day and getting stronger and if it wasnt for God I wouldnt have gone thru this far. I hope the DG family will be here forever and they are the best !! Like one big family sticking in together. May God Bless you all !!

Warm regards,

Paul T. La Moy

Good Morning Paul

Hi Paul, glad to see you up on here this morning doing well. We have all been praying for you. Keep us posted. God bless!!!


Thank you so much Brian and it's so good to see you on this am as well. Thanks for the prayers

Paul T. La Moy

Hello there!

Mr Paul T. La Moy ...

I cannot even believe that you are online! Smiling
This is awesome! Smiling
How are you feeling? Smiling


I'm Glad Your Surgery Went Well

Hello Paul: I'm glad all went OK. Did your doctor tell you when you will be able to hear? I am not sure how the implant works, but I guess there is time to heal before you can use it. Anyway, God be with you and your family. The DG family will be here for you. Good Luck, Johnny D. *** "If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, your right" *** ---Henry Ford

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