Partner Up

Partner Up

Looking for someone to partner with in the Lowell, MA (Middlesex County) area. If anyone is interested PM me. 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

Happy Hunting



Hi Charie,
Have you contacted any real estate investment clubs in your area? These clubs have fellow investors as members, but also have members representing businesses from all aspect of the real estate world. There is an excellent web site for locating these clubs - . On its opening page, on the left side, you will see several categories. Select "Resourses" and than Investment Clubs, than your State and you will see a list clubs in your area. Good luck.


If you would like the chance to work with me or one of my fellow real estate investor coaches and our advanced training programs, give us a call anytime to see if Dean's Real Estate Success Academy and our customized curriculum is a fit for you. Call us at 1-877-219-1474 ext. 125

Partner Up

Hi Tom,
Thank's for the info. I'll keep it in mind. Thanks again

Happy Hunting

Partner up

Hi Charlie,

I am in worecester county MA, please let me know what kinda of partner you looking for may be we can work together like you said and make it happen 50/50


Partner Up!!

Hi Guys, Monica here in Delray Beach, Fla. looking for anyone interested in brainstorming together, keeping each other pumped up and to the DG Family and sure could use the help and motivation...lots of negative people down here...must be the heat???lol

Hi Monica,

We are in Port St. Lucie maybe we could talk. We are new to the DG family too. PM me with your ph # if you want to chat or maybe get together some time.


Partner Up

Hey Monica,
Sure we can brainstorm any time. I see that you joined around the same time as me. There's plenty of Motivation and help here and that's for sure. As for negative RE Agents and people, there out there by the millions.LOL Just PM me anytime if you want to chat.
Happy Hunting

Partner up

Looking for someone in Ct to partner up with or bounce ideas around with. Pm Me if you want to talk.

Chance Property Investments



I am looking for a partner or partners in California, Utah, New Mexico or Mass.

Bob Ross


hi, monica.. i live in fort lauderdale we can partner and get it going.. we got to start and live life the way it suppossed to be.

email me or send a pm.



I could use a partner here in NYC. I'm new to the DG family; would love to share ideas. 50/50 would not be a problem. Thanks, Takeya


The race isn't given to the swift, but to those who'll endure to the end.

Las Vegas...

Any one in Las Vegas? I haven't been able to attend a meeting of the local REI club yet, because I'm always on the road working. I am new to the DG family, and RE in general. I read Dean's book RE Millionaire, and working on reading it for a second time. I need to start networking with people to absorb information. Anyone in the area that can help please IM me. It would be MUCH appreciated. I have no money to put down or anything like that, so maybe i wouldn't make a great partner at the present time but, I wanna learn what I have to do to start my new career in REI! Thanks God Bless!

cash investors

im in morthern california, looking for cash investors who want to invest on single family homes on this part of the state,if you are interested, please e-mail at cleda707@****

hi bob

my name is cleda im in california im looking for partners also, please call me at 707-297-2026 my e-mail address cleda707@**** looking forward to talk to you soon.

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