my wife & I just bought the book

my wife & I just bought the book

hi all

my wife & I just bought the book and we are still reading it, but the house that we are living in is for sale by owner. its asking for 2.4 millions and the owner is so realy anxious to sell it fast. I think this is a very good pices of property that all investers are looking for, because its so outdated. with few changes you can another million or two.

I don't know if we can start in the big numbers like this one or not. I wish I could buy my self but I have no gredit and my wife is having the worse gredit. if some out there thinks that we can absolutely start in this one please tell me how.

but if anyone outhere who can do it you are welcome. just type the address in the google search and you will see details

I wish you al good luck for suceeding Dean's Book. I just believe in it.

14600 carnelian glen ct. saratoga.



Where is this at Pasa? What

Where is this at Pasa? What state? If you can afford the rent for a 2.4 million dollar home, can't you afford to make a mortgage payment? Will seller sell it to you on a land contract?


How about a Leese Option? If your land lord is renting it ti you and there is no problems It should be realitively simmple to convince him to sell on a LO.

How about wholsaing that PROPERTY with $10???

Basically you go to the owner and say the following:

Can I send you a 3 week $10 option contract to buy it and
whatever I make from the difference of what you are asking,
I keep?

Also during the 3 weeks, if you get a buyer before I do, we avoid my contract. I definately don't want to stop you from selling the house.

Are you okay with that? It's a winw/win situation


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thanks guys we are living

thanks guys

we are living together with the owner. she is an old lady and we are taking care of her that's why we are living in the house. its not renting by now. she want to move to a smaller house. and its in N / CA san jose (saratoga) like i say type the address in the google search and you'll see all the information by her agent.

14600 carnelian glen ct. saratoga.

you guys can play what ever

you guys can play what ever your tricks are. I don't think there's an offer yet. you might get this with a lower price.



the house is appraised for 1.6mill not 2.2 m


Welcome to you both on joining the greatest opportunity by far! This site is amazing. There is a great deal of support. There is so much being offered here. As far as you making a deal happen at that price range. With Dean's strategy, the formula works at any price! The technique is a proven method at any scale home. If the numbers make sense for all parties involved. Then by all means take advantage of an opportunity placed in front of you. Your best experience to gain in this business. Is when you take action! Even 6 months in this business or even years. It can still be a new adventure. The idea is to try. You can only gain knowledge if take a step out on faith. You have the right tools and have just joined a great support team. There's help every step of the way. Keep reading, it's powerful! Continued success..............Lubertha



It says 1.9-2.2M on

It says 1.9-2.2M on The homes close by have sold for like 1.7M up to 3.8M. Does this home compare to them. Find out about those homes and compare the one you are living in. See her bottom dollar and do the wholesaling option like Build_Assets said. You may make a few G's or M's if you are lucky.

Good luck,