dlnew Journal

dlnew Journal

Hi everybody I got Dean books July 19. I was at the point in my life when I knew is was time for a change. I would like to work towards my retirement. My husband company shut down 2 years ago so we had rearrange our life style alot. I work also but his income was much more than mine. We have a son with pre-existing condition so many time he is hospitalize yearly, but we are very blessed because it could more or worst instead of yearly so I won't complain. I brought this program because I have always been interested in real estate but since our credit was not the best and we were living pay check to pay check I figure there would be no way a bank would give us a loan to start investing in real estate. When I first start reading his book I found it very interesting but you hear from others who invest in real estate say some the comments that those no money down deals really don't work. So at the same time I am scared but willing to take that chance to find out for my self and believe through Christ all things are possible. Three days late Dean's academy called and I didn't have the money to enroll in the program but he offer the scholarhip program and I didn't have the money for that either but I knew I had to walk out on faith so I borrow the money to put down the down payment July 21. I was so excited to read all the emails from everyone and everybody seems to be willing to help each other out. So far I am reading Dean's books and going through the lesson at the same time.
Aug. 4 I will be looking at properties to get on my sellers list and calling some of the investors I saw on this knowledge website. So I am just organizing my buyers and sellers list. I am also trying to find a real estate agent.



Congratulations on getting Dean's book and deciding to take action with real estate. Dean's books and the DG website are packed with great information, tips and techiniques. It sounds like you have your plan in place and your beginning your action steps. Good luck with your real estate investing. Believe nad Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Thanks for the welcome! So far I get great info. from the site and reading Dean book, so I am hoping by enrolling in the success academy will speed up the process even faster. Keep up the great work in assisting us newbies!

Take Care

Successful people don't run from hard things(Joyce Meyer)

dlnew Journal Wed.

Wed. 8/5/09

Yesterday I call realtors in my area, I also found out that if I went through a title co. I needed to have title insurance. I also talk to Ed Ross from the Natioanl Credit Group someone refer him through the emails on this site. I will work with him to get my credit repair so in the future I can accomplish more with better credit. I know its time to get my credit straight. Today I will visit properties, call some other realtors in my area to try and develope my success team. I will also call more of those hard money lenders that I saw a list from Anita's email on this site. I have been debating if I need to get the voice mailbox through COA NETWORK right now since I have already spent money on the academy, getting my credit repaired. If anyone has suggestion on how they got started without getting in a lot of debt please let me know. I know it's only $29.95 a month so I am still thinking about it. Goals for this week
1. Cont. my buyer's and seller's list
2. look @ properties
3. make @ least 3 offers this week
4. Find a lawyer to work with for closing
5. print out forms from Dean list and make copies for my files
6. finish reading the last 2 ch. in Dean book PROFIT FROM REAL ESTATE RIGHT NOW!
7. Start assign. 4 in the PMI Classes
Notes: Get colored folder for my filing system
red, black, yellow, green, grey, black,

Successful people don't run from hard things (Joyce Meyer)