beginner please help :)

beginner please help :)

Hi everyone,

Im new here and i just finished reading Dean's book and im soo both excited and scared but in a very good way. I believe in this so much and I look around this website and I see all the support everyone gets and feel its such a wonderful thing to have. I think this will be where i will get the most support because we are all in the same boat and sometimes when people dont exactly move on in there lives, its hard for them to be happy for you and believe in you.

well not to make this too long i'm 20 years old and as i said before im looking foward to doing this and maybe one day hopefully take this as a full time job. The only things that are holding me back are one im not sure how to find a real estate agent and if i do what will be the right comission to pay? also i only work 15 hours per week so to be honest i dont get paid enough to support myself as it is, so i doubt i will ever be able to get a loan.

Should i start off by looking for a seller or an agent first??

sorry for the long story i hope someone will understand. Thankx



Welcome Aboard !!! ;)

Hi Jenni: Congratulations to your choice of endeavors. I am fairly new to this, too. I have not made any offers yet. Procrastination I guess. You want to look for your buyers first. That way when you find a deal on a house, you can go over your buyers wants and needs, then you can call them with the offer. Say they are looking for 3 bed 2 bath with a two car garage. The house you have locked up is a 2 bed 1 bath and no garage. Go over your buyers list until you find a buyer that wants a 2 bed and 1 or two bath and present this home to them. It is best to find homes that are 3 or more beds & 2 or more baths. This is what I am looking for. It is always good to find out what they have to spend on their home, $100K $225K ect. This will be the houses you will be trying to find for them for less than what they want to pay and lock it up and offer it to them for the price they wanted to pay or even less (they will like this, because you will look good for saving them money) and the difference is what you keep for yourself. This is the assignment process. This is the best way to start in REI. Place an ad on craigslist in your area stating you are looking for buyers & investors and have them send there requests of what type of home they are looking for & what area of town they would like to live in. As far as a real estate agent, what I did was I went to a local Real Estate Investors club. This is a very good place to meet folks that you can network with. I meet my agent, two contractors, a mortgage broker, an other investor & you can learn what the conditions are in your area as far as top locations in you chosen location that people are looking to buy in and so on. Pick up one of the real estate for sale magazines at your local grocery store and just call some of the agents that have listings in the ads. Ask them if they work with investors? Have them search for keywords on the MLS like as-is vacant, needs work, motivated seller, ect. They get paid when your buyer closes on their new home & this is paid by the end buyer. The more deals you can do with your RE agent the more potential money they can make. This will get you going. I hope this helps you, Johnny D. *** Learn all you can, because after you learn it, they can't take it back!" (J.D.) ***

Jenni, Johnny hit it on the

Jenni, Johnny hit it on the head, I would also ask if they are cash buyers as that is who you really want. Thisway you can use the fast close as leverage when negotiating a contract.
You may want to go the simplest way and find some buyers and do some bird dogging. you can get a quick 1k for just turning your investors onto a great deal.
good luck


Thanks for clarifying my post. Like I said I am still new to this, but learning more every day. It is great we have the website! Have a good one, Richie. Johnny D.


Welcome Jenni88. Don't let fear and negative people hold you back. Learn all you can from Dean's books, Website, etc. Focus on starting your team, network, and pick the one route that works for you in bird-doging,assignments,foreclousures, holding and renting, probates, etc. I am still working on my team. I know where you are coming from.

i want to thank everyone for

i want to thank everyone for responding back to me and helping me figure out a lot of what i was stuck on.. Johny thank you sooo much i really appriciate the time you took out to expain to me more..may many sales come your way!! Smiling



No Prob, Bob

Hi Jenni: My comment above was taken from a TV show that was on the air some years back. If I remember it was Waldo, Eddies friend on "Family Maters". Waldo would say that often. If I can be of more help to you, just ask. Johnny D. *** "If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, your right."*** --- Henry Ford


Congratulations on taking action and wanting to make a change in your life. Most people talk about it but never take any action. If you accomplish a few things each day it will prepare you for future deals and opportunites. Learn as much as you can and network with others in your local area.

Real estate clubs are a great way to meet others and future partners or buyers. Create the plan and work the plan. Dean's books and porgrams are a great reference to guide you along the way. Good luck on all your deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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