Heather's Journal

Heather's Journal

Well- I posted a response to the wrong spot I guess- so Ima try it this way!! I am about to start the Academy and I am so excited!!! My husband and I are also looking at proerties right now!! There are so many possibilties that we are amazed. I can't believe it- the "killer" deals are everywhere. I have found what I think will be our first properties, but what I was wondering is what everybody's take is, is it easier to make your first deal a sell to a buyer or maybe keep it for a rental or lease. What has worked better fro ya'll- just want some opinions! Thank ya'll have a great day!!


Hey heather

Congrats on joining the academy, you won't regret it. The coaching group on the phone as well as the online community is a real boost. Go through the web training several times, do the action steps, get on the phone training, and stay connected online. I have really appreciated all the great info and support that it provides. Not to mention that I use the coaching before, during, and after the deals.

My first property was actually a buy and hold on a 4-unit that cash flows about 600/mo. Not exactly a stellar deal, but it cash flows nice so I am happy. Now that I am low an funds, I have really been working towards the birddogging and assignments. Concentrating on building my buyer and seller lists before I even found the property has been the way to go for me. Now that I am finding the property, I have the exit strategy in place.

Don't get stage fright like I did for several months!! Find one strategy that you really like and make it happen.

Good luck!!



Don't forget to play hard after you work hard!!!

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Thank you for the encourgement- that is also something we have been wondering about- Building the Buyers list, Do you think it would be easier to set out the buyers flyers first and then find them the houses? I know it takes tiem to figure things out and get it rolling- we are just tryingto get everything in order before we jump in- like we have already sent out the broker and real estate emails- so we will be interviewing htem hopefully here soon, and I am working on the sellers and buyers flyers-but with those i'm trying to decide if I want to put pics on them or not- ya know clip art maybe, or evengo and find a pretty house on the internet and see if I can you that on it. I just don't want them to look corney. I don't know- my husband wants me to make up a couple different one to see which ones work better. Guess Ima do that. but do you think its better to put out the buyers or the sellers first? Thanks!! Have a great day!!



Congratulations on starting your journal and being part of the DG website. Each deal may have a different exit strategey. There may be a few in the beginning that you assign to build up some cash. If you find the right deal that cash flows itself, it may be a good buy and hold as a rental. In regards to finding buyers, you can start with your buyers to know the types of properties they want and then work on finding those type of properties to assign. Good luck on all your deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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This is really awesome! My husband and I are going through the academy and soaking up everything!! It really is worth it! We just got in our business cards and flyers! Just having those 2 thing and actually being able to hold them in your hands really gives you a boost of confidence to know that it is going to work! We got our website up and going so I'm just kind of tweaking it a little bit here and there, but all in all we are having a blast! We got the toll free number set up and so far we only have the greeting set up- the 24 hour script is a bit to get through though but I'm going to get it! and I know it will be worth the time we put into it sooo.... We are now in the process of trying to find a broker, not to sure if we want to have a re agent just yet but the broker is must, just having a little bit of trouble finding their email addresses. SO that is pretty much where we are right now! but a word to the wise- If you are able to join the academy- GO FOR IT!!!- it is worth every bit of it fro the information and the help from the coaches! They are awesome and really do want to see you make all your dreams come true! WE until next time- The Sky is the Limit!!