Choose Your Mentor Wisely - Thank goodness for this site

Choose Your Mentor Wisely - Thank goodness for this site

Hi all,

I just wanted to tell you about an experience I had at a real estate investment club.

I decided to take some type of action and stop procrastinating. So, I went to an investment club so I would be surrounded by like-minded people and maybe learn a few things from local investors (Long Island, NY).

I picked up a brochure from an advertiser's table and started reading. It was for a mentor, but I wasn't interested and started walking away. The "mentor" walks up and welcomes me to my 1st meeting and asks me what types of techniques I might be interested in learning.

I told him I'm just starting out and would like to do assignments. He looked at me like I had two heads and told me that assignments are "very difficult because no one is going to trust you and allow you to lock up their house on contract unless you show them proof you're capable of buying it."

I told him that as far as I know, people are already doing it. He said, "You must me talking about bird dogging. It's alot easier, and it's the only way you can get started if you don't have money and have bad credit." I think bird dogging is also an excellent technique, but I had intended to make larger profits by locking up great deals and assigning them.

I believed EVERY word I read in Dean's 'Profit from Real Estate Right Now' book. And after I read it, I was 100% confident that I could do everything in it. But when I didn't take action right away, my confidence went down to about 50%. So, when the mentor told me that it was virtually impossible, my confidence dropped to ZERO. And on top of that, I was starting to feel stupid that I ever even thought I could do it.

But, when I came home I got back on this site. I read over some posts about assignments (especially from Sully) and got my motivation back. I also started speaking to other new investors from this site, and a few of us have decided to keep eachother motivated and keep eachother moving forward by checking on eachother's progress and making us accountable. Hopefully, I will be posting soon about my first offer or first completed deal.

If I decide to get a mentor I will definitely use the Success Academy because I will be speaking to people who are already experts in the techniques that I want to use.

I apologize for this long post, but I just wanted to let other new investors know what you might encounter out there and to tell you to be careful who you take advice from including so-called mentors/trainers.

Good luck everyone. Happy investing




I can truly understand exactly how you feel in this post, b/c some of what you've experienced, I have too.

After I read DG's books, I was so amped and felt that yes, I can master everything her, but assignments was going to be my beginning point. Thereafter, b/c of a lack of action I took, my motivation dropped dramatically. I had to do what I knew to do to get it back up.

I live in NYC and I haven't found the REI group that I so need, but I'M NOT GOING TO GIVE UP LOOKING.

Joining the success team is really the only way I want to go too. It just makes sense. I wish you all the best!


The race isn't given to the swift, but to those who'll endure to the end.


Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts. The road of real estate may be a bumpy road at times, often under construction, but if you can avoid some pot holes in the road and stear clear of other obstacles and get to your destination, it can be a journey filled with gaining knowledge along the way. Each experience will increase your knowledge about real estate. Keep the faith and review and reference Dean's books. Dean's strategies and information work, and I can be another DG student that can attest to you they really do work. Good luck on all your future real estate deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Hi Felicia,
Most of us have all experienced the pumped up feeling after reading something then the doubt when we don't act upon it immediately. Activity, and lots of it, is one way to move forward and build that confidence. You started it by going to the REI meeting, and I'm sorry to hear that someone there felt they needed to be negative about the things you were talking about. People often are when they don't understand something. I'm so glad that afterwards you came back to this site and started reading and researching here again. You can do this, including assigning, and the way to do it is to just do it! You may or may not be successful the first time, or the second, but the more you do, the more you pursue, the more you learn and that takes you one step closer to finding that success. Most people never even try and by taking action, that makes you far more successful that the majority of people!

I wish you all the best, much success and much fun!
Nancy D.


Help feed the hungry -

This is true for RE..."The best way to learn this business is to do this business." - John Addision, co-chief executive officer, Primerica

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Thanks so much for the encouragement. You're absolutely right about activity. The more active I am, the more confident I feel. Sitting idle, definitely sucked every bit of motivation right out of me.

This site is great. I've speaking to Ray in Tennessee and Takeya right here in NY, and we're making sure that we stay on track. Speaking to other investors, setting daily goals and constantly moving forward is our recipe for success.

Can't wait until we can post about our first accepted offer Smiling

Felicia, The Road Not Taken

Don't despair! I've been around investing awhile now and I still run across narrow-minded encounters like that. And it might not be your last, just continue to arm yourself with knowledge of the truth and you'll be ready the next time. The audacity of some people---and he called himself a mentor.

You did the right thing in comming to your support group of like-minded investors. Someone once said to me, "show me your friends, and I'll show you your future." Well it was my Mother, and she was right. Because from that point on I chosed my friends differently. Well, you have an amazing group of friends here that you have chosed wisely, and can count on. And I know you have a pretty good future ahead of you. It looks as though you have found some friends already in Ray and Takeya.

Please continue to post your concerns, and should you have any questions on any deals you are not certain of bring them here and we'll walk you through them. I"ll be keeping an eye out for your posts, because what I want most is for you to get that first Assignment of Contract completed, so you can go back and mentor him on how it's done---OK.

You will come to the realization that in this business every decision you make will effect you. And you will always, always have to choose between two roads. And yes I agree with you, " Choose your mentor wisely." It looks like you have. My favorite poet Robert Frost said it best:

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and I--I took the one
less traveled by.....and that has made all the difference.

You have jumped on the path to prosperity that only few dare even dream of.




southstar, you rule!!

Thanks for your post. It was very inspirational and very poetic I might add.

I will continue to come to this site as long as I'm investing because this is definitely where I get my best information. And, like I said before it's also where I met my real estate buddies. Speaking with them helps me stay focused and motivated. If one of them has a productive day with phone calls or marketing, I make sure that I follow suit and get productive the following day.

When one of my buddies spent the day contacting sellers from the FSBO website, calling real estate agents for a CMA and researching a REI club for us to attend, I shifted into another gear and spent a few hours getting my voicemail set up and posting ads on craigslist for a real estate attorney who deals with new investors, a title company willing and able to do double closings and investors looking for properties. I ended up with quite a few responses for one day of posting.

We're motivated and constanlty moving forward, however we ARE all newbies and sometimes feel that we're just spinning our wheels b/c it's a little like the blind leading the blind. Our next venture is looking for an experienced investor who is willing to spend about 10 minutes conferencing with us on the phone to let us pick their brain. If there's anyone from our DG family willing to speak with a group of newbies let us know Smiling

Other than that, I'm keeping my eye on what my driving forces: time freedom and financial independence so I can create a better lifestyle for my family.

Choose Your Mentor Wisely

You have to remember that your Mentor is pulling from his own experiences. If he has not had any experience (or has had a bad experience) in assignments then he is naturally going to steer you in another direction.

You may need more than one Mentor. Soak up the knowledge each one is able to give you. You may want to go back to that guy and talk to him about bird dogging. Learn all you can from him but remember he is human and capable of feeding you incorrect information. You have to analyze the information given to you. Choose to retain only the positive.

Years ago I purchased a home study program from another realestate person. He had some good points but I didn't agree with some of his strategies. I took the good advice and used it and discarded the advice I didn't agree with.

It's like going to school. You can't learn every subject from one teacher. Each teacher has a specialty in a certain subject. Some teachers are really good instructors while others don't deserve the paycheck they collect on Friday.

Seek out the really good teachers in the subjects you what to learn.


You're exactly right. There's definitely something that can be learned from different sources. One mentor may not be enough b/c there is so much for me to learn at this stage.

I basically feel like a sponge at this point. I'm sucking up knowledge from everyplace I can get it. I might be on information overload, but I can't stop.

So much to little time. I have to make sure I get my piece of the real estate pie before it's all gone Smiling


Dean would not tell us something that is not proven. I have sold 2 assignment deals over the weekend. One is a cash deal and will close on Friday, the other will close in 30 days because the buyer had to get financing.

You need to surround yourself with positive people. This is the place to do it!


Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10 FREE wholesaling tips and resources!

To your success,
Carol Stinson


Hi Felicia,
I agree that it is important to watch who you surround yourself with. Especially in the beginning. The great thing is that you were able to still see the opportunity for yourself. You were able to stand up for your dream. Continue to stay on this site and witness the countless success stories. This is how you will be able to keep seeing why Dean is the exception to the rule in Real Estate.The tools are here! Keep reading the book over and over until it is clear when you have doubts. Its amazing how you can see something numerous times and don't really comprehend it at first. Stay focused on your dreams, Its possible! Continued success........Lubertha



I'm sorry you had a negative

I'm sorry you had a negative experience with this 'mentor' but he was probably offering the best advice he knew. Saying 'no one is going to trust you' is a broad statement, of course someone is going to trust you (as you do these deals you will be more, experienced, comfortable and knowledgeable.) I'm not speaking from experience with deals as we haven't done one yet but that is what Dean and other's here have said. You are using Dean's proven techniques he wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction and you also have the help of others that have used this technique (and others) on this website.

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i know the feeling about being overloaded with info when you first read the books AND getting the piece of the pie!! i felt EXACTLY that way also then i had to take just a quiet moment and ask myself what i needed to do RIGHT NOW to get my first deal was to call on 5-10 fsbo in my area and learn their buttons for selling then do comps on the properties and make offers on the best ones.i took ACTION and the first deal happened,it WILL happen if you ask yourself what you need to do first then DO IT!! good luck and if you need help JUST ASK!!


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