Ken's Journal

Ken's Journal

ok we will try this again


Ken's Journal

oks here go...
the have to start somewhere and the beginning is the best place to I love this.

read through dean's book going back and work chapter by chapter and do the action steps.

read the booklet on the success stories...awsome stuff! couple stratagies I feel that I can use to get myself off and running will be bird dogging and assigns...

talked with my dad this past weeked and he gave me a couple contacts...a realtor that he has known for many years and an investors group to go to...he feels its two ways to make more contacts and meet more ppl in the business...both are great ideas

went by a property today that I had remembered that had the look of being a distressed its not any more...moral - you snooze you lose

current goals - to payoff debt and be in my own home by christmas

talked to landlord about intrest in becoming investor in real estate, told me about daughter-in-law looking for a place to live.
talked to a customer in the store and told me he is looking to invest in a fixer-upper...two leads...buyer and seller

current feelings about taking this new road very excited, mixed with what a combo

Kenneth L,

Congratulations on starting your journel and pursuing real estate investing. It is a great idea to review the concepts in Dean's book and put together an action plan with the action steps. Good luck on all your future deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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lol thanks Indiana-Joe for

lol thanks Indiana-Joe for your support! I think sometimes I feel like Im going backwards instead of forward lol.

started calling "we buy houses" numbers and guess I got lucky and found an investor intrested in working with me. yahoooo! Have to do birddogging but as I see it you have to start some where.

talked with a realtor and he is going to start to work with me also. yahooooo! lol
this is work but just knowing that there may be a payoff down the road keeps me going. gods what a couple extra dollars would do right now!

placed ads in three classifieds today craigs, lycos, and kijiji. hopefully will get some leads that I can past to my investor and start to learn more hands on in this real estate investing.

my realtor was great and said that "we need to get you doing 11 to 15 deals a year" lol ya that would be awsome! think I will do good with him as he is an investor/developer also and has to do a large volume just to keep what he has. lot of expericence he has to share plus he is willing to do all the comps I want and help guide me to other ppl that will help put me in the right direction.

went and looked at a couple houses my investor has. one is done and now listed and the other is a rehab in the beginning stages.

hope the ads I placed will pay off. been looking at web listings and there is just soo many lord I get lost looking. man the computer age! I feel like stoneage man most of the time. but I am amazed at the ppl that Ive met that are willing to help me.

want to get more investors and realtors working with me.

glad Im taking time to go back and reread dean's book. have to stay focused and motivated. lol shouldnt be too hard, hunger is a good motivator lol

Ken's Journal

still working on buyers listl. very slow going. have found one investor to work with and have placed several more ads.

started to talk with more real estate agents. I feel that I have to do something even if its only with one buyer I can give assigns to. something is better than nothing. giving them my info on what type cost and locations Im looking for. I let them know up front that Im an investor. lol I dont even have two coppers to my name.

feel like Im spinning my wheels most times. (blah!) looked for a investor club in my area. man! looks like there may have been one at one time. website is down and emailed them. email got sent back to me and the 800 number I called is out of service. lol

posted myself on several websites as newbie investor looking for other investors. hoping to get a response on that. sure would be awsome to hook up with another inverstor to work with. lol feeling like a lonely only in va. lol pip pip cheero and stif upper lip and all that jolly rot. haha

not giving up. that is just not an option here.

Ken's Journal

ok been almost a week need to update this journal. been reading other members journals and I can see I need to get more organized. its not that Im not doing anything but just not as organized as I need to be. hate writing things down but I can see that those that are most seccessful do. I can see it helps to keep yourself focused and to track your progress better. so painful that it may be this I will do.

been calling and talking with realtors, lol fun. have a couple that are sending me listings and Im working to figure out FMV. thanks dg family for your help on getting a better idea of what FMV really is and how to compute the comps.

need to tough base with my investor and let him know Im still in the game.

lol guess this is my needs to update.

still working at this dailey. still moving forward. lol this is work, never thought it wouldnt be.

possible buyers list http://**** should go through my area and give everyone on the list a call.

need to update all my ads, while reading a members journal it was suggested to update them every couple weeks. man that was a good idea.


It is good your taking steps each day because these steps will add up over time. The knowledge you gain is sometimes worth more than a real estate deal. One of the keys is good organization because as you become busier, it pays to have an organized system. Writing down goals is very powerful too. You may want to get a notebook and write down your overall goals and the your goals for the week. List your tasks to go with the goals and update each day as you make progress. Once you complete something check it off. It you do not get to all your tasks today move and prioritize them for the next day. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Ken's Journal

Thanks! again Indiana-Joe. Ive gone out and purchased two notebooks. now I have no excuse lol. but you make good sence and I too feel that if I follow this it will help me to track my progress better as well.