Getting Started......Again or Again or Again

Getting Started......Again or Again or Again

This is my first journal entry. I am hoping that by starting this journal I will be motivated to take the action required to become a successful Real Estate Investor (REI). I need to push myself to take the steps I know are nessecary. In the past I have been a novice REI and I have owned two income properties with partners, a small single family home and a 2 flat. Over the years circumstances have caused my partners and I to sell off those properties and so I am looking to get back into the market and remain for the long haul. I have found Deans website to be a very uplifting and supportive venue for all who participate and so I am going to step up my efforts to be engaged at the site. I will use that positive energy to fuel my dreams of becoming a REI and to make the plans I have in my head a reality. Today is Sunday September, 6. I am going to commit to writing a journal passage at least once a week and hopefully I will have some news to document what actions I have taken to get closer to the purchase of my newest investment property. I will take the lessons from Deans books and put them into practice. I will take strength and encouragement from Deans website because of all the unselfish contributions of the people who share of themselves. I will do what it takes to get that next deal that will change my future. I will keep on keepin on!!



That is positive reinforcement right there. It looks like you have already won the battle. You have done your first post, and that is the beginning of your success story. Can't wait the hear the others. The fact that you have the tools in hand, it is just a matter of using it for the greater good, deal, deal, deal... I wish you all the best in your new career of real estate investing. God Bless.



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Getting started to.

Hi ChicagoLwood,

I am getting myself started to, after several months of doing nothing with RE because I have been busy with personal activites. So far I have been trying to build my buyer's list and my hard money lender's list. I have a list of local banks and a list of 10 private lenders that I need to contact and see if they will work with me. Three of them are investors and might work with me if the deal is good. The other 7 are people I know that have funds that might lend me if I can convince them with a good deal. What gets me nervous right now is making an offer on a property and not having funds to cover it but i need to over come it and find a good deal that will make it happen. I still have not set myself up as an LLC but I think its time. I looked at the Edge CDs from Dean and it motivated me quite a bit so that was great. I met 2 investors that are using the Nouveau Riche REI program and were trying to recruit me but I told them that I am already using Dean's program and I am sticking with it. I am going to continue to move forward from here myself so I hope you do as well, talk to you soon.


Welcome Mr. Cruz & Chicago!!! It's good to have you as apart of this board. You will find it is a great sourve of motivation!

I wish you both the best of luck in your REI dreams!

Take care,


Robert M. Burkett CPA

Stay Active & "WORK IT OUT!!"

Get your "Daily Dose" & check out my journal at the link below!! I would love to hear from you as well!

Welcome and congrats on joining the DG family!

You will find not only a wealth of information on this site - you will also find the most inspirational people ever. Feel free to look to your new DG family when you need knowledge, inspiration, answers, or just great listeners!



when do you set up LLC?


This is Kenya from Hendersonville, NC. I am new to R/E and I am very excited!! Reading Dean's BARM book right now. Trying to build a buyers list, also by calling on bandit signs and For Rent signs in my area. I see where you talked about setting up an LLC. My question you set it up before or after you buy a property? Thenks for your time and continued blessings in your real estate ventures...keep us posted!!



I Can't Be Defeated....So I Won't Quit!!!


Hello DG family ! my name is Gary I reside in so. calif. high desert area ,and i'm new to the rei game . I would like to know if there are any investor in the surrounding areas of adelanto, victorville , apple valley, san bernardino, hepesria , riverside . so we may network together& possibly work together. I have also notice that property in the hi desert is upside
down , is there any way to make any profit when property is in this state?



Getting Started Too

Hi Mcruz2,

I hope you are having some luck building your buyers and lenders list. Those are good people to have inplace before you find and secure a deal. I am still alittle slow getting off the mark. Like you I have personal activities to attend to, like getting a steady paycheck. I have had some exposure to the Nouveau Riche program and attended some of their seminars, I decided not to invest or participate in that program as it did not seem genuine to me. I believe your instincts were right when you told the Nouveau Riche recruiters that you were going to stick with Deans strategies. Lets both keep on keepin' on!! Good luck in all you do!!


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