Carolyn's Journal

Carolyn's Journal

Today I am starting my journal. In the past month I have purchased Dean's books, became a member of the DG Real Estate Success Academy, purchased the Edge and joined the Tax Club. Needless to say, I am a bit overwhelmed with all the knowledge and tasks ahead, but I am anxious to get started investing in real estate. I have received my business documents from the Tax Club and need to submit them to the Secretary of State, but I am having second thoughts about the business name chosen. I hope to settle that in the next day or so.


Welcome Carolyn : )

I love seeing DG people start journals and watching them begin and succeed at the REI dreams. I, myself, only bought Dean's books in June and after relocating from MA to NC in August am now unpacked and ready to dive into this endeavor full force. Good luck to you and know that everybody is initially overwhelmed with all the information they have access to at first. Can you say sensory overload? The great thing is that everyone on this site that's a little more experienced is always ready, willing and able to offer help, advice and support. So keep writing and keep pushing forward.

Suzi : )

I for one, since starting my

I for one, since starting my journal, and looking back, I feel accomplished everytime...So many things that have gone wrong, gone well, gone off track, got mixed up, and so on and so forth...If ya stick with it(lots of people give up when it gets difficult)you will see progress over time, even if it takes you a while to get a deal...some people it takes a month, others takes over a year...But the biggest thing is to stick with things, and keep pushing...It will all work if you have the determination, and really want to succeed at this...Good luck with everything, and keep going...Also, don't be afraid to ask any questions on here what so ever...


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Congratulations on starting your journal and welcome to the DG family. It appears you have a lot of great information to take advanatge of and the more knowlegde you gain the more deals that will come your way.

One key is to try not to get overwhelmed. I am not a marathon runner but have friends that run. They state you have to go at a pace and time your self so you do not get burned out. I believe real estate investing can be the same way. Each day you will learn more and more and than after a month or two you may be surprised at how much more knowledge you have. Good luck with investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Welcome to the DG family as well as beginning your own journal. The key to success if to have a dream and turn that dream into reality. You have what it takes, everyone does, the information is there in abundance. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Looking forward to completion of the book. God Bless.



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Thanks for the replies and encouragement!

It's nice to have encouragement and to be able to learn from all of your past experiences. Thank goodness it's the weekend! It is going to be rainy all weekend, so it will be a good opportunity to study and research some properties.

Huge steps accomplished

I have made some huge steps in the past 24 hours. I filed my Certificate of Formation with the Secretary of State. I have found a way to get the money for the first deal and have contacted some real estate agents. Hopefully I wiil be ready to do my first deal soon. Yeah!!

New Business Established

I have received the papers back from the state---the business is now official. I am now starting to work on business cards, a better internet connection, business phone number and email address. It's going to be a busy, but exciting week!

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