Rick's Journal

Rick's Journal

Well I've had the books for a month now, read them, took notes. Read lots of posts, posted, PM'D. Talked with Sarah, at the success academy, twice. Talked with wife, wow!!, not a happy camper. But last night I think I got the OK. Will call Sarah this afternoon. Asked Rina, Anita, and northwest for a few words of incouragement to my wife. Will PM them. Well thats it for the 1st post. Thank you all for your posts, keep them comming.


Rick don't give up, it's

Rick don't give up, it's just take time to get your feet under yourself and find what your good at and what works in your area. Kay


With warm regards Kay

still thinking

well...talked to success academy, going to be difficult to come up with funds, but still trying to work it out. laied awake most of night thinking of ways to do this. I hope I will be like the others and start closing/assigning contracts soon after starting. still very anxious to see what all it intails, tools, tricks-of-trade, ect... I'll call Sarah back this AM and see whatelse she has to say. thanks again all

today is it

well talked to wife and Sarah and Travis, made the deceision to join. will callthis afternoon. I know this will be a great path to success.

succsess academy

joind yesterday, 1st call on tue afternoon, my head is scrambled with thoughts and ideas of what i will be doing. going to a 'octoberfest this morning in mt angle oregon. going to be working a booth serving beer and sausage. will be fun working with wife and friends.


Congratulations! And have a great, great weekend with your wife. Let her know I would love to talk with her anytime. (We women have to support each other. Smiling ) She is blessed to have someone like you, with a vision for your future.

Wishing you all the best!



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start of another week

well i've been off work for a couple days due to a muscle pull in my shoulder. not all bad, gives me more time to read posts. this week starts my jormey with the success academy. can't wait to see whats instore. trying to find out, along with my llc, do i need anyother license, ie..sales license. waiting to hear back from state and county. since we don't have taxes in oregon, i don't think so.


Congratulations for starting your journal and working with the success academy. That has to be very exciting as you continue to move forward. I hope your shoulder is better, but a long weekend, football and the DG website can be the right medicine to help make it all better. Good luck on all your future real estate deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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day off work

well it has been a long day. read chapter in PFRERN, 5 chapters in BAREM, and 1 chapter in Revolution strategies for success, plus i read some posts. now i'm waiting for the phone-seminar. then a little tv and then bed. am off tomorrow also, will try to get ahold of realtor and look at reo's/forclousers

been a few days

well, been rereading PFRERN, trying to stay motivated, so much i want to do and trying to find a starting place. i went to look at another house, another mess. don't know if i want to tackle a rehab just yet. what woukd i do with 6/3 2200 sqft. stuff still in the house, and a 1000 sqft 'unpermitable' addition, what ever that is. i would love to go in and clean, paint, and sell/assign, may be even rent, but to whom, and where to get $. one will come along soon i know.

getting very down

been trying to find team, noone wants to talk to me about anything but the old ways. the quick deal, no fancy "stuff' wife is really putting pressure on me to quite the academy. what to do"-(????


just was re-reading news letter. read that Matt came out and help one invester, held hands, did deals. maybe this is for me. pm Matt, no response..can someone forward this to him???


make some Flyer advertisements (keep it simple) up to attract both sellers and buyers. Post them around your town at laundromats, apartment complex's bulletin boards and laundromat, bulletin boards near local transportation stops, local Mom and Pop grocery stores, big name grocery stores e.g. Publix and as many businesses that you frequent with owner's and/or management's permission.


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