Why am I starting to feel this way...

Why am I starting to feel this way...

hey everyone!
I'm loving the success stories =) keeps me motivated & thinking "WOW, maybe I can!" but I'm writing because i need help. I am confused on some of the courses. I just got involved with the Academy. I'm suuuper excited! but I'm also scared. I know lot's have felt this way..I guess i just need reassurance. IF anyone's out there willing to give a hand, that would be GREATLY appreciated.
& may nothing but fortune, happiness, & love come your way Smiling

Felisha Malave


Don't be Scared!

I know it must be overwellming amount of information but just try to remember it's your future & I think it might be a good idea to try to figure out what type of property interests you (REO's,FSBO etc) & stick with one type at first to learn but that's just my 2 cents worth but I know Dean talked about this in one of the books if not both of them....


Heyy! i didn't think anyone would reply. Thank You! just that little bit gave me enough to get up & go! i'm thinking FSBO is where i wanna go for right now, all i've been doing is research research research... i know i'll get somewhere Smiling
Thanks again!
& great luck to you!


Welcome to the DG website community. Good luck with real estate investing. It is a learning process each day. Dean's books are packed with some great information. The Success Academy is a great resource with coaches and staff that really care about the students. So make sure you create your plan and each day or week stick to the plan and good things will happen. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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This is something that comes up pretty regular around here. Dean talks about this in his books, others talk about it on this site, and I believe it as well. You have to have a reason why you do this. Mine is to get out of my current full time job that keeps me away from my family ALOT, and to give me the finacial freedom to be my own boss. If you can come up with a good "WHY" then when it gets tough and you have a bad day and the people that surround you are negative and call you dumb because you have ambition and you can't come up with a good reason to get yourself moving and going in the new direction that you have decided for youself, it won't be hard to do because you established that already. Way back in the beginning when you started, you did that. You sat down and asked youself that question, "Why do I want to be a Real Estate Investor". So now when things are tough, it's easier to stay the coarse. It's easier to self motivate and continue down the path that is harder now, but has the bigger reward in the future. Rather than the path of least resistance with little or no reward ever. So, get yourself a "WHY" and that might keep you going. Hope this helps a little. Stay strong and God bless.

Fear Not,

No the feelin'

I know how you feel. Been there, still doing that. Just take baby steps & keep going. Try 2 do something everyday with REI. Keep reading the info that comes on this site & the books. They have encourage me to keep going, even though I haven't done my 1st deal, but I'm encouraged...And you, too.


Hi Felisha,

I know how you feel. When I'm feeling afraid or anxious about taking the next step I ask myself "what will happen if I don't do it?" A big fat nothing (this scares me more.)

Sometimes it feels like I take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Just part of the process.

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There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

It is normal

With every new venture, it is quite normal to feel a little intimidated, but remember in life we have to take chances everyday. Just leaving home each morning heading to work, is a chance we are taking. As a newcomer, this is your time for research. It means: checking on the houses availability in your surrounding areas; reading and re-reading Dean's books; visiting the site daily for additional information and knowledge; and finding a mentor that would take you through your first deal. You have to set priorities on the goals you will like to accomplish and how you intend doing so. You have already taken your first step by seeking assistance. God Bless.



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