We took the leap, and now the work (and fun!) begins.

We took the leap, and now the work (and fun!) begins.

I'm very new to real estate investing. I'm currently a stay-at-home mother to three young children. I am just about finished reading Profit From Real Estate Right Now, and based on what I'd read and researched, we (my husband & I) decided to go ahead and join the Real Estate Success Academy. That took an incredible leap of faith on my husband's part, and now it's up to me to prove that it was the right move.

I'm working diligently on my lessons and reading & researching as much as I can. I am the type of person that really likes to have all the information up front and THEN take action, so it's a bit daunting to me to consider starting a business, initiating a marketing & advertising plan and setting up the infrastructure (= more money!) before I really know all there is to know to make myself successful.

For me, this is a long-term investment of my time and money. I'll admit I'm feeling quite nervous and a bit overwhelmed by all that I am reading and learning. At the same time, I feel excited and energized and I have faith that with a little work (and a little luck!), I will be successful.

If anyone would like to share tips with regard to building a Power Team, I'm all ears. I currently only know one person that is even remotely associated with the real estate business (a friend who is a Realtor). I've been looking into local Real Estate Investing Clubs, thinking that might be a good way to network and build my team.

Thanks for reading! Watch out world - I'm out to make some money Smiling.



Taking the same road.

I did basiscally the same thingt and let me tell you, it will work if you want it too. I have talked to several listing realtors, and most say it is a waste of time and another guy on the net is supposedly the "new" Guru of Real Esate, but the thing that I look at is long term. OK, so I will take some time to make deals, learn all I can and pursue my goals, it will definately work. Besides where Dean grew up(marlboro,NY) I used to live in Kingston, and I know the area real well. Persistance breaks resistance!! Keep on doing what you believe in and it will work!!


Congratulations for reading Dean's book and joining the success academy. Dean's book is packed with great information, tips and strategies that have touched so many lives. In rgeards to a power team, try to join a local real estate investing club. This is a great chance to network and meet other investors and professionsals. Some of the best members of your power team may come from referrals. So be sure to have plenty of business cards and the goal is to pass them out to as many people as you can. The idea is tell the world you are a real estate investor. Before long you may even have others contact you to informa you about services they provide. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Acheive! Smiling - Joe


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How Did U Overcome?


I need some help. I am constantly around negative people. Since I was a little girl this is all I have known. I have also had a passion for real estate at a young age as well. I am more determined now to change my current situation because I have children now. The problem is I don't have anyone around getting excited with me about wanting to change our life, and make things better so this causes me to give up and stay STUCK. I am becoming someone I do not like, I am more angry and frustrated, don't never take vacations, etc. It is effecting my marriage, my husband shoots down everything that I do to help our situation. He is more negative than my family. I NEED HELP and SUPPORT!!! I am keeping secrets from him now, and that bothers me. But since I bought Deans books, I have opened a savings account, and started doing little things that my husband don't know about to help better our situation. Is this wrong? He tell me all the time how everyone on the Internet, and TV just want my money and won't teach me nothing. I have believed that for years until I saw Dean. It was something about his spirit, I believe he is original. You don't get that alot. So, if anyone can help encourage me please do so, because I am trying, but I feel like giving up once again.



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Commit to your succes!

I also grew up in a family full of negativity. I have learned that people are only negative towards things they do not understand. Keep moving forward and in 6 months you will either feel better or worse. Remember one thing, this forum is full of positivity and success. Many questions can be answered here so, when you are feeling down you know were to go.

I have been in the Success Academy for 4 weeks now and I am very pleased with the positive motivation and knowledge I gain from the lessons and advisors. I am applying all the technics I am learning from the program and things are starting to come together.

I don't normally reply to post I read but, I felt I needed to motivate a person I could relate to. I type very slow but, I had to give you the support you needed.



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I wouldn't tell you what is

I wouldn't tell you what is right or wrong. But I will tell you that my husband was the one who discovered Dean. He was so excited! I didn't tell him he was wrong or that I disagreed (although I wondered about Dean and wondered if my husband had done enough research about Dean.) However, I've believed for a long time that real estate creates wealth. After many conversations and still having my doubts I realized that I am no one to take my husband's dreams away. I would never want him to look back and wish he had done something and know that I stopped him. We watched Dean's video's, came to this website, read Dean's book. I want my husband to be happy and I want him to pursue his dream(s.) So now we are doing REI together Smiling

About the other negative people I know that is hard. Just remind yourself that this is important to YOU. YOU are in charge of your life and YOUR dreams. Do not give them permission to get into your thoughts and bring you down.

As far as my thougths on Dean - he is the real deal. He is sincere. He does care about people and wants them to succeed. He has a creative mind and encourages win-win situations for all involved.

I wish you the best in all that you do.

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