Dominic's Journal

Dominic's Journal

Let me start out by just introducing myself. My name is Dominic, I am 19. I live in Northwest Indiana and work at the Sears (Willis) Tower in Chicago. I have a great view from my desk on the 86th floor, but I have a ONE HOUR commute to work EACH WAY!

I work for a Proprietary Trading Firm. I am currently trading some Commodity Futures myself. I am constantly surrounded by investors, and even some of them do real estate on the side. But a lot of them tell me to stay away from it, so I just ignore them and keep doing my thing. LOL

I wake up at 5am and get home at 5pm to get paid 8 hours of work at 13 bucks an hour. I have had this job since December 2008. Is it worth it?: Sometimes. This job has great potential, but I would really like to be working on my own schedule. Waking up at 5am just isn't my favorite thing to do LOL!

I already make way more than my peers, and can afford to live on my own with no roommates. I am lucky to have such a great job straight out of High School, But I want more! LOL can you blame me?

On top of everything I own and manage my own Web Hosting/Web Design company. But that is going no where, I have about 12 clients and just get a small yearly payments. I could easily make this grow since everyone needs a website, but I have lost my passion and creativity to be motivated enough to even try.

I have had Deans books since a few days before I got hired into this job. I am sure I would have been farther along if I didn't get hired here since there would have been a greater motive to just GO. But I am getting motivated all over again. I figured this journal will help kick me in the butt, and make me feel more obligated to make progress. Smiling



I have finished "Profit from Real Estate RIGHT NOW" and the "Think a Little Different" course over time. I am currently reading "Be a Real Estate Millionaire" whenever I find time to.

My step dad just received over half a million dollars from his motorcycle accident lawsuit, and he has $150,000 left over from paying medical bills to invest. I bought him Be A Real Estate Millionaire" and gave him my "Think a Little Different". He is getting more interested in this everyday and wants to partner up with me. This is awesome, I also have $50,000 incoming to me in 11 months from my College Savings Bonds maturing!

My goal for October is:

- Start sitting down with him and talking to him more, explaining where I want to go and answering his questions.
- Finish "Be A Real Estate Millionaire".
- Find a good Realtor.
- Start finding deals and assigning them for quick cash. (I want to assign deals at first to get used to the whole process, then start using our own money)

I will update as much as I can!

Thank you guys for every single post on this website, and all the support!



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Sounds like an awesome plan!

Sounds like an awesome plan! That's great that your step dad is willing to partner up with you! I used to be very interested in computers and designing as well. My close friend and I were always talking of starting a design company online, but we both kinda lost interest in it after a little while. I am still interested enough to ask to see your portfolio though! haha. I'm pretty jealous of your job at the Sears tower. I can't wait to move to a big city one day. Of course that won't happen until I can become wealthy from real estate. And nothing less than a penthouse suite of course! hahaha. Glad to hear you're motivated and I'm sure you're going to succeed. Keep us updated.


Success and Nothing Less!


Haha it is pretty nice up here almost above everyone in the world Sticking out tongue

I would never live downtown its too busy for me lol.

And for my portfolio, it isn't very impressive, most of the sites were done in 2003 without any fancy work using Frontpage, so they are kinda out dated (graphics wise) lol. I was thinking about redoing all of my clients sites for around $5-10,000 total. But I'm just not that creative anymore Sad

I will keep you updated on my Real Estate adventure!



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Congratulations on starting your journal and reading Dean's books. It is great you want to get involved in real estate at an early age. Most of us always feel we wish we would have started investing at an earlier age. Thus, you will probably be able to retire before you are 30! How cool is that! Keep up with your action plan and I look forward to reading about your progress and future real estate deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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I still feel that I should

I still feel that I should have started sooner Sticking out tongue, but I know I still have a huge advantage with my age being only 19.

Joe since you are from around here, do you have any suggestions on finding a Realtor?

I started making a list of local Realtors in a spreadsheet. And I plan on sitting down with my step dad this week. I also have already begun to build my buyers list.

I am keeping everything organized in one Excel Document. It seems to help out a bunch! I suggest this to other people.



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In regards to a realtor, you may want to find a realtor that knows the local area (city and county) you want to invest in. A realtor with experience of the area can save you time and effort. Also, it is beneficial to see if you enjoy working with one over another. Through time you will find a realtor that work well with you. Also, at times you may even deal with the listing agent. Especially if it is someone familiar with short sales or the listing agent for an REO foreclosure. I hope this helps. Good luck with invetsing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Hi Dominic,

Thanks for sharing your story. You've got a great plan. Wishing you much success.

SPR Property Solutions, LLC



Whoa its October already! The day started off with a cold and early morning with frost already on top of my car Sad. I still have a few hours left at work trying to keep myself busy to pass the time faster.

Last night I read more of BARM and leanred how to determine what market my area is in. I haven't had the time to apply those skills yet, but I intend to later tonight before the call! I plan on finishing at least 2 more chapters tonight.

Its funny how many people have different opinions on getting into Real Estate. It seems the investors I work with are way more open to the ideas I throw at them, compared to my family or friends.

Cant wait to find a Realtor and hit the ground running!!!



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Didn't get to finish those 2 chapters last night Sad I got caught up in moving a washer I just bought. Have about 1 hour left of work before I start my 1 hour commute back home and get ready for the weekend!!! This weekend I plan on going out to my step dads house to talk with him and see if he really wants to do this (I will start without him if not). After work I am going to call all 5 Realtors I have lined up on the list, and hopefully I have some luck. I am looking for someone that is aggressive, knows the local market, and is able to help me (a new investor) with any question I have. I WILL NOT stop until I find him/her. I feel that the key to a good start is a good Realtor.

I am on the path to finishing my goals for October! Hopefully I can finish these goals and even get MORE than expected done by the end!



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JUST CALLED ALL THE REALTORS AND I FEEL GREAT! It feels awesome taking a step forward.. Although no one knows what Assigning means.

I ran into a problem though. The Realtor was asking me what the name under the Loan was going to be? She said she cant make an offer without me being approved for a loan. What is this about???

Here is the link to the topic:



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Dude realtors are a dime a dozen... if one doesn't work for you just pick up the phone and call another one... You'll find one good one in every thirty you try...also first rule of investing DON'T LOSE MONEY! Also as much as possible don't use your own money. Doing this will help you think a little different...

Wish you all the sucess!



Congratulations Dominic on making that first move of creating your journal. You are on a role. Can't what to hear about that first deal. God Bless.



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Thank you Sandra and

Thank you Sandra and Maulik!

I have figured out that I will only need a Proof of Funds letter to make offers. This got rid of a huge mental block that Realtor put in front of me! I should be talking with her later tonight or tomorrow. If all else fails with her, I will start to move on to the next Realtor.



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SuccessFest is well underway and continues to inspire me to get my feet wet. Although it has been EXTREMELY hard keeping my inspiration. I cannot explain it. I always do this: I get super excited about it and then something happens that distracts me from it, and it slowly fades away. But then the desire for change wakes me up and I get re-inspired. I am trying my butt off to keep myself in the game.

Last week I made steps forward looking for my Realtor. Although I haven't found one for me yet, I will still keep looking. I also will start putting my buyers list together after reading the recent newsletter. Help keep me on track guys Smiling and get ready for some amazing stories!



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I will promise each and

I will promise each and everyone of you this. Once I finish my first deal, big or small. My mental blocks will vanish. I can feel it. I learn by doing, once I've done it once, the second time is ten times easier, and the third is a hundred times easier.

Looking for Realtors has become almost a breeze, except I still get kind of nervous since almost none of them have had a positive attitude, which knocks me down temporarily.



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Today I woke earlier than normal and made breakfast before work. Even though I was extremely tired, it still felt good to be productive and save money compared to buying breakfast at McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts. I have started to create a list of all the positive people in my life, all the negative things in my life, and everything I am grateful for. Along with some realistic goals, a buyers list, to do list, and potential Realtors list.

I'm feelin' productive and it feels great! I am starting to re-read Profit from Real Estate RIGHT NOW! Taking in a chapter at a time and completing the action steps at the end. I am hoping this will launch me to get started quickly.

I have had $20.00 (for food/gas) to last me the last week after paying off all of my bills, at least I can pay my bills and I am grateful for that! I know some of you on here have to pick and choose which ones to pay, and I am sorry for that.

I am starting to think I need a new car because every time I fix my current car, something else breaks on it. I don't know if the mechanics are messing with me or its just that time to get a new one. LOL

So that is another huge motive for me.

Until next time,



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Where does all the time go?? The weeks feel like minutes! I feel like I am falling behind on my schedule! Sad I still need to try harder to find my Realtor.

I have recently found out how to look at property tax/sales info through my county's Tax Assessor's website. This tool is great, it shows you layouts of the houses, sale information, owner information, etc. I also went on last night and wrote down all the Recently Sold property info in a spreadsheet. Doing this I calculated a bunch of different types of data including price per square foot, average price for number of bedrooms, etc.

I am now going to look on and use my comps to see if they are a good deal.

Goals for tonight:
- Call/email Realtors
- Start pumping out my ads on Craigslist for Buyers
- Get some sleep!



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Hi Dominic!

Catching up on your journal're doing good things! And I am thrilled to see that you are starting this at your age. How wonderful!

Don't let not having a real estate agent throw you off track. You don't actually have to have one yourself to do your investing so keep on moving forward as you search for the right one to work with. It may take some time but the right agent is out there and I do know that it does help to have a real estate agent on your team, but it shouldn't hold you back that you don't yet. I haven't found the right one yet myself, but I keep moving forward anyway. In fact, in my life I did have one deal that I made without a real estate agent on either end -- buyer & seller. We did it all ourselves, though I made sure I had an attorney. I personally wouldn't do any deal without an attorney looking over the paperwork.

Your online work, creation of a speadsheet, etc. sounds really good. Keep on moving forward and your first deal will happen!

All the best,


Help feed the hungry -

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Thanks for your kind

Thanks for your kind words!

I have wrote my step dad an email since we live 20 miles away from each other. I will paste it in here because it shows a detailed action plan. Hope you guys enjoy!


I completely forgot to talk to you about Real Estate when I was over! I know you haven't received your settlement yet, but when you do, are you still interested in this? I am going to start in this even if you don't but it would be nice to have someone to partner with to get started.

From what I understand, you wanted ME to bird-dog houses TO YOU to start out. Let me first explain why this isn't the best idea (for you). First, if you can get away with it, DON'T spend your own money. Use your money for security reasons in case things go bad for some reason. There are ways to make money without spending your own money in real estate, so I encourage you to start getting some income that way before you start spending your settlement money. Now I'm not saying NEVER spend your own money, but when you are starting out I think its best that you don't.

Here is an improved to-do list below, I will go into detail below.

- Read or finish book
- Visit the website I showed you
- Create an LLC
- Create a website for our LLC
- Build a buyers list
- Get a team together - Realtor, Lawyer, Contractor, etc.
- Attend REI meetings
- Possibly join coaching
- Start making offers on houses
- Assign the accepted offers to investors
- Keep going

(not all items need to go in order, but its just the general idea)

I know you have probably been busy, but in your free time try and finish that book I gave you, it has a lot of useful information in it, and doesn't take too long to read.

This website is amazing! It has a TON of information and inspiration. Watch of all the Video Blogs and listen to all of the Conference Calls, it beats reading! They also have forums where you can find an answer to any question you have for free!

Limited Liability Corporations are used by most investors. This basically protects yourself by putting everything in the company name, rather than your own. Millionaires have nothing in their own name. They are like $100.00 to apply for and are well worth it.

For advertising and informational purposes, a website is great for any company. It works for you 24/7. I can obviously take care of this.

I have various ways of doing this. Whether it is from posting Ads on Craigslist looking for investors, or by doing a Parcel search for properties owned by LLC's. Also, there is a 1-800 number voicemail you can set up with an automated message to screen out different people, just place bandit signs out in yards to advertise the number in different ways.


This is a crucial step in getting stuff done fast and effectively. We need to find one that's open to ideas and is familiar with wholesaling (assigning) properties. Most Realtors these days got too used to a few years ago when they had to do 1 hour of work to get thousands of dollars in commission. With this economy it is a little harder for them to make money, so the sound of working 10-20 hours to make the same amount of money is a major turnoff to them. Most Realtors don't like working with investors because there is more work involved. I can tell you this by reading other peoples experiences with Realtors: We will go through A LOT of different Realtors until we find the right one.

We need one that's:
- Creative investing ideas
- Works with investors
- Open to new ideas
- Not afraid to offend people by making low offers
- Knows the local market WELL
- Preferably knows different contractors and lawyers we could use

Usually the Realtors with these qualifications are younger and haven't been through a full Real Estate cycle. The older Realtors are more likely to be less open to ideas and stick to old ways that simply don't work anymore.

A lawyer is important just to make sure all of our paperwork is legal. They can look over all over our contracts to make sure we won't get in trouble with the law.

Contractors are important so they can inspect the properties we look at and estimate repair costs so we can find the best price. They also can fix the properties up once we actually get to that step.

Real Estate Investment meetings are good places to network with cash buyers AND sellers, while also learning about investing.

Dean Graziosi offers a Real Estate coaching course. I don't know if you have been looking into this guy yet, but he has coaches that will help you make your first 5 deals. I have been following this guy for over a year and he is the real deal. It is worth every penny in my opinion but I cant afford this right now by myself. If you wanted to partner up I am willing to pay half of it though. This isn't necessary, but its a good idea.

Using the Realtor, we will be making offers on houses 50% OFF of fair market value. Some (not most) people are desperate enough to sell at this price. They just want to get out. If you think it won't work, I can convince you otherwise if you want/need. There are PLENTY of success stories out there where people have done this.


- Lock up the accepted offers with an Agreement to Purchase contract, putting "and/or assigns" OR "and/or partner", this will legally allow you to sign the contract off to someone else.
- Put in escape clauses with a time limit in the contract to give you time to find a buyer ("contingent upon inspection" or "contingent upon partner approval" etc).
- Immediately market the property you just locked up to your buyers list AND everywhere else, maximizing the chance you sell the property before the contract expires.
- Once you find an end-buyer. Have them sign an Assignment of Contract, explaining that they will pay you $10,000 (or whatever amount) to sign them over the contract.
- That's pretty much it! Pay your lawyer and Realtor the fee's and you get the rest!

Why stop there?! Keep doing these assignments (wholesaling) until you gain enough capital to start actually buying houses! Then we can talk about that later when the time comes.


What do you say? Would you like to partner up with me on this? I plan on doing this with or without you (not to sound offensive), but it would be great to have you along my side! I'd like to see you become a successful Real Estate Investor as much as I'd like to see myself become one.

I obviously have a good idea on what to do (I wrote this all without looking at anything), I know I haven't completely gotten my feet wet yet. But I have been reading up on this for over a year now and I am ready to start!

Please take the time to think this over, and sorry if it got a little long. I know you like talking in person too, but with you living where you do compared to me, it is hard to do that all the time. So please email me your thoughts or call me sometime!


Hopefully I can get some feedback from you guys on that email! And to all the newbies out there I hope I helped you with your action plan and/or taught you something!

Thanks guys for your continued support!



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Looks like a good letter!

Looks like a good letter! Nice and detailed! Let us know how he responds.


Success and Nothing Less!



Thanks Luke! Still no response yet, I think my mom said they have been having problems with the internet out there.

On another note, last night I did a search on Realtors and started emailing EVERY SINGLE ONE on the list. There are about 200 in my local area and I got through 50 of them last night and plan to do more today! Some responses were what I wanted to hear. Some even said "I'm not the guy for you" which I appreciate the honesty so were both not wasting our time.

Here is what I wrote to them, I got most of it from another thread here on the forums. But I modified it to fit me. Sorry to whoever posted it! I couldn't find it again to give you credit for it! Sad


My name is Dominic ___________ and I am an investor in the local area. Due to the current economic conditions, I have decided now would be the best time to get into real estate. I not only represent myself, but I also have several investors in and out of the area that I help find, rehab, rent out, and manage properties. Because of the money backing me, I have set the goal to buy 10-25 properties within the next 12-18 months. Some of these properties I will buy and hold, some of them I will sell to other investors, and some I will flip. Regardless of the strategy I use on each property, I need to be very aggressive on the price I pay for the property, especially in the current market.

I have not chosen a real estate agent to represent me yet. The agent that I choose cannot be afraid to offend other agents with low offers. The agent I choose also will have to be available at all times. I use several strategies to buy and sell properties quickly, including making verbal offers when permitted. I will also look at A LOT of properties, and buy only a few. So an aggressive work schedule will be required. The upside for the agent who gets accepted will be lots of commission. We will close on properties every month. I will also pull in the agent on "For Sale By Owner" deals. At times I will write additional commission into the contract when we ramp up to full speed.

All that aside, I expect to work with a professional. I want to make money, and I want my agent to make money as well.

Here are the properties that I am looking to buy:

- Single family homes with at least 2 bedrooms
- 1-2 baths at least 1,000 sq. feet.
- No mobile homes at this time
- No home built before 1950
- No vacant ground
- Located in a 45 mile radius of Valparaiso, IN
- Any ugly house that needs work
- Will settle for 1 bedroom for the right price

If this sounds interesting to you, and you are a aggressive agent that not only looks at immediate income, but also income for the long term. I only work with motivated sellers that want to sell their home today. The agent I choose must be familiar with doing conventional buying and selling as well as creative buying/selling techniques.

Please respond to this e-mail with your name, phone number, and why you would excel in being the agent to represent me.

Also, if you dont think you want to represent someone like me, any referrals would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Dominic _. ___________

Sound good? Do you think I should modify it for the next set of emails?

Thanks in advance!



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Brrr it's cold!

Okay so it's been over a month since I've written in this! I have been on the website a lot though. I guess I'm not the journal type, lol.

So some good things have happened since I last posted:

- I am signed up for a REIA Meeting for January 9th!
- I have bought my COA 1-800 number. (Still haven't set it up though, I am kinda paying for nothing right now and its bugging me. Any tips on what I could use it for right now? I have yet to get a Realtor, and I want one before I start. Should I build my buyers list in the mean time?)
- Let more people know what I plan on doing.
- Got my mom interested in partnering up in some of this.

And other than that, I've just been scraping along with my rent payments and eating as much mac and cheese as I can handle in one week haha.

Some things I plan on doing before the end of 2009:

- Think of a name for my LLC.
- Set up my 1-800 number.
- Start on the buyers list.
- Get some Bandit Signs.

If I don't get back to my journal by then, I wish everyone a happy holidays!



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9/2/10 - IM BAAAAACK!

Okayyyyyyyy! SO... I'm back new and improved! Dominic 2.0 Sticking out tongue

I know I haven't posted for almost a year, and have been registered for almost two years, but I promise I came back with good news! To name a few things:

- I now have a success partner (Makeba), you'll probably see her around the site coming here soon.
- We joined the success academy.
- We bought the Set for Life program.
- We registered an LLC (Virtue Investments LLC)
- We setup our 1-800 number to screen leads.
- We are currently building our buyers list (up to 6 so far, going slower than expected)
- We plan on attending EDGE '11.
- We have 3 websites (Core, Seller Squeeze Page, Buyer Squeeze Page)
- We are still in the process of getting a Realtor.
- We have business cards and bandit signs/flyers to attract buyers to our 1-800 number and website.

And so much more! The ball is really rolling and it feels great! The only problem is I am here up in Chicago, and Makeba is down in Kansas City. I'm also now making 50k/yr at my job (not bad for only being 20 eh?), but I'm working CRAZY midnight hours 8pm-6am every Sun-Thu. If you include the drive, its a 12 to 13 hour work day. On the bright side, I only monitor automatic trades mostly. So I can actually work on REI stuff at my job, but theres only so much you can do at 2am Sad

So we are starting off a little slow. Makeba is doing all the dirty work down in Kansas City actually constructing deals and making calls. While I help plan, organize, setup, and attempt to fund (she doesn't like me paying more than her) the process. It's actually a great team we have put together since we can work around the clock. We plan on starting out with assignments to pay off a few things and build capital, then moving on to lease options once we can.

Well, that's all the news I can think of for now. I'm gonna go watch Disc 3 of EDGE '10. Disc 2 WAS AWESOME by the way.



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