Jenny and Rey's Journal

Jenny and Rey's Journal

My husband and I are new investors here in South Jersey. We have read Dean's books(loved them!) and have been listening to other trainers as well. We are both very eager to get moving on a property but I feel we have some of that analysis paralysis that Dean spoke of on his call last night!! Information overload!!

We have been receiving porperties from a couple of realtors and there a few that I like. The main issue we have been running into is funds. We have spoken with several differnet HMLs and all of them want a decent size down payment which we don't have. I am looking to find that 100% financing that I've read about here on the website and in Dean's books.

I am interested in tryng to wholesale some properties but my realtor says a pre-qual letter is required to even make an offer.

REO's sound like a great oipportunity but it seems like ther is a lot of competition and a most of them go for listing price. I was reading "Indiana Jones" posts' how they are dealing directly with the REO asset managers. Any advice on how to strike up that raltionship so you get the properties before the realtor does would be great!

We are determined to make this work so we can spend more time with our 3 littl ekids and have enough for their futures!!

Love to hear from you all! It is very inspiring to see what some of you have accompished!!


Jenny and Rey,

Welcome to the DG website. Congratulations for taking action with real estate and starting your journal. The key to findign REOs is establishing and ciltivating the relationship wit hthe REO Manager. Take a look at my forum post on 08-28-2009, the link is below:

Some keys are as follows: read and reread Dean's books to get down all the information and concepts, establish your action plan, set goal and work the plan a little each day. Be patient and do all the right thigns and good things will happen. I hope this helps. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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