brettnalma's Journal

brettnalma's Journal

I think I had my first break. I have been having trouble finding investors to work with me. Well, through a relation I was able to talk to a marketing person for a local company. This person had the types of contacts I was looking for. Real Estate agent, Lawyer, and other investors. Through one brief lunch meeting describing my intentions, I was able to get assistance in building my team. Also, I received a short lesson in internet marketing. Now I will put my new knowledge to work.



Congratulations for starting your journal and taking action. It is always good to have a plan each day and take steps towards your goals. Each day will be a learning experience and what you elarn today wll better prepare you for tomorrow's deals. Good luck with real estte investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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It Is Great

that you are building your team. Congratulations and I wish you much success in REI.

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REO's a new adventure

I watched the Clip of Joe and Stacey last night. That really inspired me. For some reason I have been afraid to walk into a bank and talk to people. I can figure out why, I work for a financial institution. I guess with all the media talk about the banks now a days they seem untouchable. Nonetheless, onward and upward. I am going to call my real estate agent today, and ask for a listings of REO's. I feel scattered as far as my attention to real estate because I am also getting ready for finals. Finals aside, REO's here I come.

Looking for a partner

I watched Dean's video blog this evening, and I am very excited about the teleseminar on Wednesday. Anyway, he mentioned to find a partner. If anyone in the DG family is in the Boise, Idaho area and would like a local dg family member to bounce ideas off of, please send me email through this website.