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I have read "Profit From Real Estate Right Now!" and have almost finished it for the second time, this time studying and highlighting. I just found out today that my regular j-o-b has no work lined up for me over the next 6mos.
I'm in N.C. and am watching the monsoon weather today, hoping tomorrow will bring a better monetary outlook.
I have some things in place to help me with my start in real estate, but have need to proceed with caution. "It takes money to make money!" (Al Capone), it's a proven fact, but hope to get started when the rain quits.
Please bare with me as I learn to use this site properly.

See Ya!


I just watched the blog about the Joplin victims, 2 thumbs up Dean!

Hi Ruth

Welcome to the DG website family! Its a great place to find endless info and support. I would encourage you to spend time reading through the forums - because you will see that there are alot of people making money in real estate without their own! Its really investigate bird-dogging, assigning, etc to get you started building your success. Also, may I suggest renaming your journal so it will attract more readers? There are so many and they tend to get lost in the site sometimes....good luck to you and think creatively to follow your dreams!
OK....I just saw you have several other posts under the journal thread!!! So sorry if this was not your most recent post.....keep them all unders Ruths Journal....that way we can follow your thoughts and story all in one place Smiling