New to journaling--David in Independence, Mo.

New to journaling--David in Independence, Mo.

Greetings to all:

Haven't had much experience or time with this, but, thought it was about time I learned. Don't really have much to share at this moment, however, I do enjoy and get encouragement from reading about everyone's trials and triumps. Not sure how often I'll get to sit down and do this, hopefully, at least weekly to start. Been at this business for a little over 5 years off and on, along with renovation contracting. Have had some ups and downs, but, one things for sure: I won't quit! Look forward to sharing and learning.

To God be the Glory



WOW, small world..

Hey David! I am from Kansas City, MO. My mom lives in Independence right now. Me and my husband moved to Myrtle Beach 2 years ago to start a business and get "fresh air". I look forward to seeing how the market is there from you. Keep up the good work. Any advice for someone starting out?

To your success, Adrian


Congrats on beginning your journal experiences. I look forward to hearing about your REI successes. God Bless.



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Greetings Adrian:

My prayer is that this message finds you and your family well. You're right, it is a small world. A good portion of my wife's family live just north of Hilton Head Island; which we have been blessed to try to visit at least yearly. Have been a bit stagnate, mainly because of weather; but, am starting to regroup and get on the ball. Currently, have 2 properties that were working with here in Independence: (one a rehab, the other a short sale). Working on creating a buyer's list and having a constant steam to flip my deals to. Congrats on you guy's move and I hope you enjoy the area. (we sure do!!!) My best advice right now is to make sure and continue your education, get a mentor, and don't get discouraged. I didn't actually
start out on the right foot, but, as I said; I'M NOT GONNA QUIT!!! All the best to you guys and if I can be of any assistance, don't hesitate to let me know.
Thanx for the response.

To God be the Glory,

Lots-a-work put in

Greetings Sandra:

Your well wishes are greatly appreciated. But, from the looks of your profile, it seems that YOU are one of those who could teach us a lot about this business. I look forward to hearing how you have gotten to where you are, and if you would like to pass along any tidbits that may be used.
Thx for the post.

To God be the Glory,