End of first week at academy

End of first week at academy

We signed up with the academy on 11/13/09. On Monday, 11/16 we received the emails to the academy websites. I jumped in and did the Orientation and the Overview lesson. I completed it that evening. Tuesday, 11/17, MY birthday, day off. My husband took the day off too and we went to the casino in tampa. Came out ahead so that was good. Wednesday, we had orientation. I jumped into the 2nd lesson and worked on it til Thursday. More property researching on Thursday and Friday. Friday we received the software.

We're looking to trade in our Firebird (hot car) for a Jeep Cherokee (suv) (more practical). Looked at car lot on Saturday. Sunday - FOOTBALL!!!

Monday, yesterday, I researched more properties, worked on 10 properties list.

Got to get the car ready to trade in today, so I'll be leaving to do that here in a few. Taking Wed. Thurs. off for holiday.

Friday, going to look at property areas nearby.

Whew, that's a lot.

Just wanted to share our first week in the biz with you all. Next week we will do our LLC and other biz stuff (biz cards, websites, ads, etc....)

Best of luck to you all.



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