New to the boards, which level of Success Academy would you recommend, if any?

New to the boards, which level of Success Academy would you recommend, if any?

I am just getting into Dean's program. I've read the first two books that I received from his recent infomercial each once and plan on rereading both to them. I am new to real estate and am seriously considering signing up for the Success Academy. I just have a couple questions for folks who have already been in my shoes.

1) Was the Success Academy real people with real experience and was it hands on, not just telling you to go do research elsewhere.

2) Would you recommend the moderate or minimum level. Is the moderate level that much more hands on and personalized that it is worth the additional money.

3) How much money did you make in the first six months? In the first year?

4) If you could do it over again, what would you do differently?


Success Academy

Gtreetings and welcome,

I am new to Dean's program and enrolled in the success academy even before receiving the books (still waiting on the books). Although I have some RE experience from nearly a decade ago, it was with another program (PM me if you want to know which one). It was quite helpful in giving direction and suggestions, but was not as formal as the Success Academy is.

The Success Academy is much more an online college with Action points. Advisors are EXTREMELY helpful and knowledgable. The lessons and quizzes force you to really think about what your learning.

The level of involvement really determines on the level of commitment your willing to invest. The full program includes the Asset Protection Kit, which essentially guides you in setting up a tax shelter/business. From there select components are removed to match your price. Remember, everything is negotiable.

If your serious about REI as a career, consider Dean's Success Academy as a tool to accelerate you to that end.

Rick S.


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Call the Academy if you are serious about making money in REI! They will determine which program is best for you.


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