Fight your Mental Block by telling a BIG FAT LIE!!

Fight your Mental Block by telling a BIG FAT LIE!!

Recently I was listening to some audio from one of my favorite authors Robert Kiyosaki. He was talking about some experiences from teaching investing classes.

Something a psychologist in his class brought up was how saying anything about the future is technically a lie. It is a lie because technically anything you say about the future hasen't happened yet.

Now this does not mean that if you say positive things about your future that you are doing something bad by lying.

IT MEANS DON'T SAY NEGATIVE THINGS about your future because your lying!!!! Your lying to yourself about your future and will be cheating yourself out of an amazing life of achieved goals!

So understand that anything you say about the future is a lie. But so many of us readily accept negative lies about the future, so if your going to tell lies you might as well tell alot of good ones!

I wanted to share this because after I heard that statement I listened to it 10 more times. I was talking to a supervisor at work one night and we were talking about retirement. He has 31 years in at the plant and wants to retire at 56. He is 51. He doesn't know if he can retire at 56. He doesn't want to work he wants to hunt. He wants to enjoy retirement, but he is unsure about his retirement.

I explained to him how saying those things about his retirement is technically a lie because it hasen't happened yet. Once he realized that, he had a smile on his face. He understood that if he told himself positive lies about the future it put a smile on his face!

Put a smile on your face by telling everyone you know a big fat lie! Tell them about your goals of retiring from your J.O.B.! They will laugh, some will scorn, some will give praise. No matter to them just tell yourself a big fat happy lie everytime you wake up!

Here is a photo of where I work. In 3 years or less I will have retired, have $5,000 a month of passive income/SELF MADE DEFINED BENEFIT PENSION. No debt and learning to ride wheelies! I like my LIE!


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Interesting post and Great Lie! Guess what, I like my LIE as well.


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No harm no foul.
If you can say it,believe it and focus on it becoming a reality;It is said that one can manifest it into being.
So I say,Dream out loud.
maybe;The SECRET ?


And make them big enough so they don't limit you! LOL. As long as we're at it, we might as well make them REALLY good! Smiling

Take a LIE, all it needs is a little F to make it your LIFE. Smiling (ok, no idea what the F stands for (finish?), but it looked good. LOL)

Good post, JGREER!



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The big lie could come in the form of using creative visualization such as world class athletes use in preparing for competition. The medical field is seeing promise from the use of mental imagery for paraplegics and cancer patients. So if you are going to support your habit, it must be big and enjoyable (emotional connection). Thankfully all this is free to use and doesn't mess up the greenhouse gases LOL.

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