Leo Here I go

Leo Here I go

My name is Leo. I live in Smyrna Ga and I received Dean's books a couple of weeks ago. I'm excited, but nervous as well. I was in the mortgaage business for 10 years, I got burned out and have been out of the business for five years. That being said you would think that I would be brimming with confidence, but I am finding it difficult to pull the trigger. I have set up my 800 number, my aff website, put ads on craigslist and put signs out looking for sellers. I have looked at 3 houses but i'm scared to death to make an offer and bury myself in a bad deal. You see I don't have room for error. I don't have cash for the down, my credit score is around 575 and I need to make cash quickly. Wish me luck. I will make entries every so often to document my journey in REI.

See ya and good luck out there.



Welcome aboard

Hi Leo1964,

I have never been in the mortgage business. I know the feeling of butterflies in your stomach. Nobody can afford to really lose money, it is actually an expensive lesson that you are paying for.

Keep your lessons cheaper by following examples of those who has gone before us (you are actually doing this by having joined the DG family). Having those butterflies will only make sure that you do your due dilligence correctly.

Welcome and good luck.

Best regards,



The greatest force on Earth, compounding interest. - Albert Einstein

Anything is possible!

Anything is possible if you have the desire Leo. Desire can overcome the fear you currently feel.

It sounds to me like you have absolutely nothing to lose by tring. So put your heart and soul into this thing and just make it happen.

There is knowone in this world who is any better or any worse than you. We are all equal human beings who have the right to succeed with hard work and determination.



Welcome Leo

Welcome. I look forward to reading you adventure. Keep us updated with your progress. There is a lot of knowledge here for reference. Good Luck.
YOu can do it Laughing out loud


"Don't tell me I can't, Tell me how I can."

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