We are the So Cal 7!

We are the So Cal 7!

Hello! My name is Moses. I am one of the So Cal 7. The other six members are My Wife, Mom, Sister and her Husband, Brother and his Wife. We are in this together.

Two months ago my Mom returned from a two week vacation from Mexico and told me that she sold a piece of land that she had purchased before she moved to the USA 34 years ago. She told me that she wanted to invest it in real estate here with Myself, Brother, and Sister. I was fired up! What a great way to bring all of us closer!

I started wondering how am I going to do this! Then, I remembered a book I ordered 6 months ago titled "Profit From Real Estate Right Now". I had purchased this book because of the rave reviews and the fact that I've always dreamed of becoming a REI. Sad to say It ended up in my closet until now. I believe God has a plan for all of us and new that I needed to have this book when the time was right to read and gain wisdom from. Well, the time came! My Mom sparked the drive in me to figure out a way to start this business for her and her three children.

As soon as I opened Dean's book I was hooked. It still took me two weeks to read but, In those two weeks I started to apply many of his techniques. With the help of my family "So Cal 7", we came up with the name for our LLC which had to be the same as our web domain, purchased the domain name and designed our website, set up our 800# using the scripts provided, designed our business cards, and are starting to build our buyers list!

Time to find the DEALS! We have spoken to hard money lenders to find out their criteria, spoken with invesors to see where they are looking to invest, and are constantly reading the amazing blogs and journals available to us through this site. Thanks! There is much to learn. I know it will never end. We are all so excited to start seing some results trickling in from our efforts so far. I am confident our first deal will come very soon.

HOPE of what is to come is going to make this Christmas extra special when we all get together.


so cal 7,

It is wonderful that you and your family can do REI together. I wish you & your family the best in your REI journey and am looking forward to reading your journal.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

SPR Property Solutions, LLC

We are the So Cal 7

Hi! I have come across a potential deal that i could use some help with. It's a 5 unit boarded up property that has been vacant since 2002. There are no loans on the property. Ther is a fine of almost 100k from code enforcement that the owner says can be reduced by 90% if paid all at once. The owner is interested in selling, but wants me to make an offer. I was thinking of asking for owner financing interest only for 12 months, but am worried about the validity of being able to pay down the fine plus the rehab that is needed to rent the units. Has anyone come across a situation like this? Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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