mls or hud homes

mls or hud homes

im looking to do assignment contracts and a cash buyer on my buyers list ask me that they wanted homes that arent listed with the MLS or are a HUD property. why would someone not want homes that arent listed or are a hud property. what is the differnce between a home on the internet and one that isnt. i dont understand. and also are all homes that are listed on every website are they all on the mls and are hud homes? please reply back asap i would appreciate it thanks....


ismael soto


hello again

people are funny

you just need to ask them questions as to what they need and then work towards their goal of achieving home ownership

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well yes off course, i was just woundering why wouldn't someone want a home on the mls.....


ismael soto

mls hud

Not sure

perhaps they dont want a realtor involved

Later Fred

That may be it

That may be it fredewillet

Generally when you think of it, a HUD home that is up for sell is generally in "REHAB" condition, that maybe why he doesn't want it. HUD homes usually end up on the MLS.

Also anything FSBO he feels can be easily more negotiated rather then deal with a realtor he could possibly lie and say no the owner wont or what not...

Just a few thoughts.
Other then that there really isn't anything wrong with homes on the HUD or MLS, be educated, and do your due diligence and you'll be fine.


Allow your fear to gently pass. Then genuinely ask yourself,
“What needs to be done?”

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well said John

much success to you

go get um soto

time is on your side you are young take short steps and grow from your experiences

be prosperous in 2010

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