Margobsn's Journal

Margobsn's Journal

January 14, 2010:
Today is the first day of the rest of my life! I have downloaded both of Dean's Books and I have a pad and pen to take notes. I am going to begin with Profit from Real Estate Right Now! I pray that God will bless this new journey and show me the way to provide a safe, happy, peaceful home for my children to come and reside in. Thank you God for this new opportunity to begin again.


January 15, 2010

This morning I am beginning Chapter 3: Make Great Deals Come to YOU! Smiling So far, everything I've heard Dean talk about has made sense to me. I am taking notes and I love his Wayne Gretsky quote, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!" The gratitude list is also a wonderful suggestion and completely in alignment with my Christian faith.


Well done. You have taken the first step. The next one is to place the other foot in front of the one you took the step with i.e. keep reading and actually practice what Dean is telling you to do.

I just did and you can read this in the member journal titled FINALLY. Also check out my profile and notice that only a few weeks ago I bought Dean's books. Already it has nade a big difference and tomorrow I'll be looking at a property that I can control for 10 years for only $10. I'll publish this deal as soon as the current owner has "enough" of landlording. His biggest mistake was to pull out too much equity when he bought the property. My advantage is that I try and think a little diffrently on being creative.




The greatest force on Earth, compounding interest. - Albert Einstein


Congratulations for taking action and reading Dean's books. I found that if I read the book and reread it again, I learned even more the second time around. My wife used post-it notes to go back to certain sections of the book almost a reference guide. If you create your own system to read and apply the book, I am sure you will have success.

You may want to consider joining a local real estate investment club to network with other investors. This is a great way to learn, build a buyer’s list and maybe even find a partner for a few deals. Try to do a little each day to get you closer to your goals and dreams. It is a numbers game so each day keep taking those "shots" and before long you will "score" a few deals! Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! - Joe


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