Amy's Journals

Amy's Journals

I'm just started to real estate investing. I have no experience into this business yet but I have been studying a lot about real estate in the last two years. I thought I have to know what I am doing before I get started. I don't want to make mistakes, I can't afford to lost money because I don't have a lot to start with in the first place. I've learn about creative financing, like least option, subject to, seller financing and assignment of contract. I sign in for the Success Academy, that has a lot of helpful information. It's awesome! I bought Dean's book, Be a Real Estate Millionaire and Profit from Real Estate right now.I made my goal to finish reading " Profit from Real Estate right now"this month(January 2011) You really need to get these books, if you really serious doing real estate investing. I am trying to set up my LLC today. I went to website. I started to fill up the forms but a friend told me to call an accountant to help you set up an LLC, I called an accountant but hasn't called me yet. I am going to order my business cards too after this,and call my buyers list also. Whewww!!! Busy day. Love it. I'm soooo excited to go over my To do list and have things done. I planned to start doing birdogging and assignment of contract first until I have enough money to work on, then maybe I do lease option, seller financing and buy, rehab and sell.


"Knowing is not enough, we must apply.
Willing is not enough, we must do"

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Hi everyone


I went to Home Depot to buy wooden sticks and heavy duty staple gun for my signs, then I meet with my accountant to set up my LLC. I came home, made more phone call to build my buyers list. I visit again and see what's going on. I read three chapters of " Profit from Real..."


I worked on my 8-6 hours job. I am going to meet with a Real Estate Agent tomorrow for possibility of working together and I plan to drive through a neighborhood of my target area and look for property for sale. I might find cash buyers signs on my way.That would be good.


Congratulations on starting your journal and your REI career! Also on joining the Success Academy!! You've taken the steps to get your new career jump-started. keep up the momentum and you WILL be rewarded with success. That's AWESOME! Smiling

Wishing you all the best!



"Obstacles can slow you down, but they can only stop you with your permission." Dean Graziosi (BARM pg 101)

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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Welcome to the DG family and thank you for sharing your journey. I wish you much success!!

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Hi Rina, Hi Lea

Thank you a million for your encouragements.I did join the success academy Rina, and I bought two of Dean's book, the BARM and PFRRN. I meet with the Realtor today, it went well, he fits to my needs as an investor, he worked with investors in the past and did short sale. He is willing to make very low offer to sellers, so that is good. I called an investor today. We talk about what they are looking for in a property, price range, what to do if I find the deal and what forms to use. I'm soooo excited about all the things I am doing, and wish to get my first deal by the end of the month. See how it goes.
I like the Bible verse you have there Rina. Thanks for sharing.


Every time you repeat the words "I can do it" with conviction, you cancel or override your fear and increase your confidence. By repeating this affirmation over and over, you can eventually build your courage and confidence to the point where you are unaffraid.

Brian Tracy


Congratulations for taking action and reading Dean’s books. They are packed with so many tips, strategies and techniques. Starting your journal is also a great way to stay focused and accountable. Also, congratulations on joining Dean’s Success Academy. I have met the majority of Dean’s coaches from the Success Academy, in person, and I can tell you they really care about the success of Dean’s students.

You may want to consider joining a local real estate investment club to network with other investors. This is a great way to learn, build a buyer’s list and maybe even find a partner for a few deals. Try to do a little each day to get you closer to your goals and dreams. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! - Joe


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Hi Joe

Thank you so much for your encouragement.Your success among other successful RE investors in this site are insperation to us(new investors). Yes, Dean's books are great source of information.Today, 1/17/2010 I reviewed the "What to look for" , "What's it worth" and "Lease Option" from the Real Estate Basic Course. I went online to get my 1-800#. I printed some contract forms and forms to call motivated sellers and other forms from RE basic course that I might need. Tonight, I will continue to read Dean's book PFRN.


I just got Dean's new book today,"You Town, Your RE Profit" I'm soooo excited. I can't wait to start reading it but I have to finish reading "Profit from real estate right now" I'm almost done,I only have three chapters left. Great information! I highly recommend to anyone who wants to do real estate business.
Still working on my buyers list. I haven't got my business cards, still waiting.I'm waiting also for the phone coompany to come to set up my fax. I have to go to my attorney's office tomorrow to fill up the form to file my LLC.I expect them to call me last week to do this but it didn't happen. It seems like eveything is in slow process.I haven't find a Real Estate club to joint in without costing a lot of money.I have been to SCORE seminar though.It is Non-profit organization to help start up small business.A lot of helpful information and good way to connect to RE investors and home builder also. They also stress out the importance of having a good credit score and if you have bad credit they teach you how to fix it. They also talk about alternative financing when the bank said no. Tomorrow,I am going to:
* Find three properties and calculate the FMV using the methods in the Profit from... book.
* Talk to atleast three sellers and find out their motivation for selling.
* Examine atleast three different properties from the eye of an investor. Look for problems that could lower the value of the house and think of ways to fix those problems.
Thats my homework for tomorrow. I will keep you guys updated with my progress.
Keep learning, keep applying what I learn untill I get it.
Goodluck everyone!

Every time you repeat the words "I can do it" with conviction, you cancel or override your fear and increase your confidence. By repeating this affirmation over and over, you can eventually build your courage and confidence to the point where you are unaffraid.

Brian Tracy


I am also working on biulding my team.I am already have two Realtors that can help me to make offers and pull comps when I need it.I'm still seaching for a good real estate Attorney,Mortgage Lenders,an Accountant,an Appraiser,Bankers, Title company and Handy man. I have a lot of phone calls to do. It feels good to call myself an investor. With the learning and work I've done so far, I feel closer and closer to my first deal. I can't wait.
Every time you repeat the words "I can do it" with conviction, you cancel or override your fear and increase your confidence. By repeating this affirmation over and over, you can eventually build your courage and confidence to the point where you are unaffraid.

Brian Tracy

Keep moving foward

Hey Amy, looks like your headed in the right direction, keep taking little steps and they will add up to something BIG. good luck from a fellow ct. person mike


I finally got my business cards,after waited for over two weeks,I got my fax set up, and I just filed for my LLC last monday.I went to my first real estate club meeting today, it was very informative. They talk about rehabbing the property. They suggest you have to find a contractor that are license only, go to, make sure you ask for referals and call them up. Don't pay contractor in advance, they may not come back and finish the job. Check their work, drop by and see if they are working. Pay them by the job not by the hour.Always have back up on your team, atleast two each. They also talk about marketing your property, through MLS, craigslist, for sale sign, web site, open house and newspapers.I already know most of the stuff they talk about like building your team, finding deals, analizing a deal and how to fund your deals. I learned it from the success academy.
More update in a few days.


Every time you repeat the words "I can do it" with conviction, you cancel or override your fear and increase your confidence. By repeating this affirmation over and over, you can eventually build your courage and confidence to the point where you are unaffraid.

Brian Tracy


I am new to this but it would seem that you have ur ducks all lined up in a row so far. Best of luck to you. But it is looking as though you don't need any luck. Seems as though you have plenty of motovation.


All Real Estate

Real Estate is all I think of right now,no turning back. This is my passion and my life. Once I build my buyers list then I am more confident to go ahead and make lots of offers to sellers.Do one steps at a time, we all get to the top. This is the Law of accumulation. Accumulation of knowledge and then wealth.


"Every time you repeat the words "I can do it" with conviction, you cancel or override your fear and increase your confidence. By repeating this affirmation over and over, you can eventually build your courage and confidence to the point where you are unaffraid."

Brian Tracy

I got my LLC

It's official! I got my LLC yesterday in the mail. Still working on my buyers list. Making phone call every little bit of time i got. I have list of hard money lenders too to call just in case I can't get buyers for my deal on time, I may use them as back up. I have my list of question to the money lenders. At the same time, I'm still working on building my team, I haven't complete it yet. Sat. Feb.6, I am going to CTREIA seminar. That would interesting because this club has 1000 active members. I'm looking forward to it. Finishing building my website. This is very exciting adventure for me. I can't believe I am doing it, I am more and more confident each day, better than last year when I decided to get into real esate business, I was scared!


"Every time you repeat the words "I can do it" with conviction, you cancel or override your fear and increase your confidence. By repeating this affirmation over and over, you can eventually build your courage and confidence to the point where you are unaffraid."

Brian Tracy


Today, my focus is on advertising my business. I should have done this three weeks ago but I don't have a sense of direction to what to do first but now I do as I read and read Dean's book, Success Academy materials and the AFF site, I gained more knowledge to what to do first. I am going to print more flyers and business cards today so that I can distribute to grocery store, restaurants, laundromats and post office. Also giving my business cards to anyone I know and people I meet. Tomorrow, I am going to CT Real Estate Investor Association called CTREIA, another way to network to people who are in real esate business.

You can be what you want to be

Dwight D. Eisenhower said that, "The history of free men is never written by chance, but by choice - their choice."

What a powerful truth! We can, and do, write our own history. That is, when our life is nearing the end, we can look back and see that the history we leave behind, the legacy that we leave for our children, is the accumulation of the choices we made all along the way.

As I think about this, I realize that some may view it from the back end and it may seem hopeless, but we can be proactive about it and decide now that we will begin to make choices that will bring us to our desired end.

Before I talk about privilege, opportunity, and responsibility, I want to make something perfectly clear, and it is something that you must embrace if you are going to see your life continually improve and change for the better.

I believe that...
Anyone can have as much money as they choose to.
Anyone can weigh what they choose to.
Anyone can have the job they choose to have.
Anyone can have the level of peace that they choose to have.
Anyone can do anything they choose to do.

They ability for us humans to choose is incredible, but it also brings with it philosophical truths as well. Primarily the power to choose brings with it privilege, opportunity and responsibility. When we see how all three of these play out in our lives, and when we discipline ourselves to make the choices that will bring us to our desired outcome - watch out - because you will be UNLEASHED!

Made for Success by Chris Widener

I believe I can have anything I want.
I believe I can have the level of peace and love I choose to have.
I believe I can be successful doing real estate and accumulate the money I want.



You are getting things done! I really like what you wrote about 'I believe' and believe also that what you wrote is true. As always I wish you the best.

SPR Property Solutions, LLC


WAY TO TAKE ACTION!! you are doing what it takes to succeed!! congratulations on joining the academy and taking off have the motivation to make things happen .IT is only a matter of time for you to reap the rewards.great attitude enthusiasm!! keep it up!!


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I am new to this website but it looks like you have two requirements already in place. Drive and positive attitude. Good luck to you and I will keep watching!


When one sets out to take Rome, TAKE ROME!

Greatness courts failure.

Thanks Guys

Hi Lea, Hi Jay, thank you for your support and encouragement.


Hi Stan

Thank you for stopping by and check me out. Goodluck to you.


I hit a road block

I'm running out of option at this point. I don't know what to do. That's ok. I have one left.I guess I have to stick with For Sale By Owner for now. I can't do REO's yet, No money to work on. I'm trap! ahhhh! I can't give up.

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strenght"

My focus for today

Today, i'm focusing on calling fsbo ads and for rent ads.I'm going to kinkos to print post cards and business cards for advertising. I really have to work hard to get the result I want. Thats it! I'm pump up today. Thanks for all the successful DG members who share their success to this site.

Pre-foreclosure properties

Today I am working on pre-foreclosure properties from Dean's Foreclosure Alert System. Writing their name and addresses so I can send them a letter that I am interested buying their home. I'm going to open a PO Box too today, I used my mail box for business purposes only. I ordered 1000 post cards also, and ordered business cards from Dean's AFF sites, marketing tools, targeting homeowners facing foreclosures. I spoke to an investor that possibly wants to joint venture with me. He is investing here in U.S. and around the world. He's done residential and commercial properties. I'm so excited! Wish me luck. Thank you all.

I just like to share this,

Five attitudes that will make you soar!

1.“I can.”
This is the most basic of all attitudes. We simply must choose to believe that we can. In our house we are not allowed to say, “I can’t.” We can say, “I’ll try,” or “I tried and failed,” but not “I can’t.” Telling yourself that you can’t will in effect make it so you can’t. But telling yourself that you can will in effect enable you to achieve much more. Even if you actually only achieve 50% of what you tell yourself you can achieve, you will achieve at least that much more than if you told yourself you couldn’t.

I actually have a standard way of going about getting myself off of the starting block: I simply say if somebody else has, then I can too. And if many others have, then surely I can too! I have to be smarter than at least one of those who has already done it. I have to be able to work harder than at least one other. There has to be at least one other person who has come from more difficult circumstances than me. And if they can do it then certainly, “I can!”

2.“I will be generous.”
Another attitude that will make you soar is to be a generous person. The attitude (and discipline) of generosity increases your likelihood of success for two main reasons: One, you are happier about yourself and that puts you in a state of mind that is prepared for successful living. Two, people pay back people who are generous. Generous people receive in kind and that will raise you to levels yet unseen.

3.“I will make a difference in the lives of those around me.”
People who soar are generally people who have the attitude of helping other people. Yes, they may do it for monetary gain, but they are others-focused. They want to change the way people live and experience life for the better. They are difference makers all around.

I live in a town that is very affluent. Most of the people I know, work with, and have as friends are very successful in this world. One thing I can say, as almost a universal truth, is that to a person, they are people who are not self-consumed but genuinely care about others and will do what they can to help others. This is what I know to be true about the attitudes of the genuinely successful.

4.“Not much will make me angry.”
Whether or not we get angry is a choice of attitude. We determine whether or not we will be angry. I have found that often I will meet with someone who is struggling with achieving something and in many cases I find that they are angry people. They have held onto an attitude that is at its root angry. When we take on an attitude that raise the bar on what will make us angry, we are positioning ourselves to be in a state of mind that is better able to live and work in this world in such a way as to achieve success.

5.“I will look for the good in every situation.”
This is basic optimism. Successful people who soar through life are those who are optimistic about life. They see the good, think the best and strive for greatness, believing all the while that they will achieve it because it is possible!

I suppose there are a few other attitudes that would make you achieve all that you dream of, but these are the basics and ones that we would do well to master first.

Where do you see yourself? Do you need an attitude adjustment? Take a look again:

I can.
I will be generous.
I will make a difference in the lives of those around me.
Not much will make me angry.
I will look for the good in every situation.

Make these attitudes your goal and as you get them you will watch yourself soar!
Have a nice flight!

By Chris Widener

Secrets of Attracting Money

I just want to share this to eveyone, an information that might help us all.
Secret of attracting money

Did you know that certain behaviors repel money… and certain behaviors actually attract money to you?

I know, the idea of attracting money almost sounds like “voodoo” but once you put these practices into action, I think you’ll be amazed.

You see, money doesn’t have a brain.

Money doesn’t get to decide where it goes.

Money is governed by certain laws — just like gravity. And those who know the laws will attract money, while those who ignore these laws will always have empty pockets.

I’ve been studying the laws of money for quite some time now and today I’m going to reveal how to attract money.

Secret #1: Money Is Attracted To SPEED.

I’ve noticed that wealthy and successful business owners and entrepreneurs don’t waste time when it comes to putting new ideas to the test.

When they get a new idea, they act on it immediately. If it fails, they move on. But they don’t dilly-dally.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Years ago, when Lee Iacocca took over the failing Chrysler company, he was walking the factory floor when a couple workers stopped him and suggested that one of their current car models might look better as a convertible.

Iacocca told them to grab a blowtorch and cut the roof off one of the cars so he could drive it around and see what kind of reaction he got from people on the street.

No focus groups. No committees. No meetings. A blowtorch.

Takeaway point: If you want to attract money, get started. Do something. Anything is better than nothing.

Secret #2: Money Is Attracted To CLARITY.

How much money do you want to make this month… this year… this decade?

If you can’t answer those questions down to the penny… then you probably don’t have a set of financial goals on paper.

And you really should. Because money is attracted to people who know EXACTLY what they want.

Another story to illustrate my point:

Back in 1990 when actor Jim Carrey was just a struggling comedian driving a busted up car, he wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars. He wrote on the check “For Acting Services Rendered” and dated the check for Thanksgiving day, 1995. He carried the check in his wallet and just before Thanksgiving day, in the year 1995, Carrey found he was going to receive $10 million dollars to act in the movie “Dumb & Dumber.”

Like I said, some of this stuff can really blow your mind. It almost seems too easy.

But one thing is certain: You can’t achieve what you want if you don’t know what you want.

Takeaway point: “When vision is clear, abundance is near.”

Secret #3: Money Is Attracted To Bold Actions

As the saying goes, “Fortune favors the bold.”

Perhaps you’ve also heard the famous quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe — “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

If you want to change your life and achieve massive success, you’ve got to do something different than what you’ve always done. You’ve got to do something BOLD.

Case in point:

You’ve seen the movie “Rocky” with Sylvestor Stallone, right? But did you know that when he first wrote the movie, he was so broke he had to sell his dog — sell his best friend for $25 — just so he had money to eat!

So when a movie studio offered him $125,000 for his script — Sly said “Only if you let me star in the movie.”

They thought he was crazy. And that was certainly a bold move.

But then they called him back and offered him $250,000 — on the condition that Sly would NOT star in the movie.

He turned them down again.

Finally, they offered him $325,000 for the script — again on the condition that some other actor would play the part of Rocky.

But again, Sly turned them down. As I’m sure you know, Sly eventually found someone to let him star in the movie and the film went on to win an Academy Award and make over $200 million dollars worldwide.

Takeaway point: To achieve massive success, make a bold move.

If You’re Ready To Start Attracting Money, Then Here’s What You Need To Do Next…

Since you’ve read this entire article, it’s obvious that you’re ready to start attracting more money. So today, I want to help show you how you can attract money in the real estate business.

Here’s what I want you to do right now:

Step #1: Think of EXACTLY how much money you’d like to make on your first real estate deal. Be precise — down to the penny!

Step #2: Think of EXACTLY when you’d like to receive your money. Be ambitious but realistic here. I recommend you choose a date between 30 and 90 days from now.

Step #3: Plan your first move. What are you going to do in the next 24 hours to bring you one step closer to your goal?

I hope this will help you to take action to reach your goal as it will help me as well. To the new Millionaires in 2010!


i like it!! you are right!!!! this exercise works!!!!!!
great post amy!!!!



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I 2nd that it's a great post and very true. Thanks for sharing.

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