Homeless In MD Journal

Homeless In MD Journal

Well, I've made the commitment to become a successful RE Investor in 2010 and I need some help.

Although I am homeless (sleeping in my Focus--cramps my style), without a job (however, I will work as a census taker as soon as they call me), and with a few buck to my name (getting tired of oatmeal and rock soup).

However, I'm thankful I'm healthy, wealthy (in spirit), and alive. Some in Haiti didn't or don't have that option.

I'm looking to partner with a few investors in order to get back on my feet. I'm willing to donate sweat equity if the partner can put up a small deposit. I will share all profits equally once the house is sold.
please email me at homeless_in_MD@live.com if someone wants to partner on a deal. We can then exchange numbers and work out the specifics.

By the way, I did not have a phone for a long while. You don't realize what you have until you are without it.

Thanks in advance.


I will be posting my progress on a weekly basis. Carol inspired me--I hope I can inspire someone else to take action.


Homeless In MD,

Congratulations for starting your journal and taking action. You may want to consider joining a local real estate investment club to network with other investors. This is a great way to learn, build a buyer’s list and maybe even find a partner for a few deals. Try to do a little each day to get you closer to your goals and dreams. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! - Joe


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Advise Well Taken

Thanks for the advise. I've identified a number of rei clubs in the area. Few offer FREE attendance, but I will most definitely attend those that offer guest attendance for first time visitors.

Also, I noticed that there is free advise given on this site about building a buyers list. I will implement some of these strategies today and monitor the response rate to see what works best.

I will be posting my first ad on Craigslist today to try and attract new home buyers(those with less than perfect credit.) I will keep you abreast of what works.

Homeless in MD

Congrats on taking action and becoming an REI, we are all here rooting for you to succeed!

Being homeless is a real bummer and I want you to understand that there are ways around everything to be successful, such as staying in shelters. These beat your car hands down and church organizations have also been known to assist those in need. Sometimes during summer breaks colleges may rent out dorm rooms for small fees. Eating something other than rock soup and oatmeal can be provided through soup kitchens even if you have to listen to a religious service a hot meal is better than anything cold or bland. I hope some of this information is helpful because using service station bathrooms to bath in can be dangerous. Some of us have experienced this and we want you to know God is watching over you and guiding you to become successful through personal trials. You will be successful - you will be wealthy - and you will have so many friends that you won't know what to do with all of us here in the DG Family!

God Bless

Bill G.


Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

Down but not out

The one good thing about being on the street is being able to talk with the people. People now today are in such a hurry that they fail to notice their fellow men and women and they take things for granite. I've developed many wonderful relationships since being on the street and those I've met are more than happy to help me in my quest.

Marketing for Buyers

I've begun marketing for buyers by placing posters in apartment buildings, laundry mats, pawn shops, WalMart, and grocery stores. Heck, I'd even place a poster on a telephone pole if it were legal. (I hate it when people place postcards and fliers on my car, so I'm going to fore go this strategy.)

Next, I'm going to exploit the internet to my best ability.

Go For It.

I admire you for taking the action in the situation you are in. I wish you all the best. This site is family I am finding out myself. I too am building buyer's list and making flyers. Definitely keep us posted. I believe in you and the Lord wants us to be successful and prosperous.

Thanks Cathy

It feels GREAT to get such encouragement. I'm sitting in the public library and I happened to see someone I know who is currently unemployed. I mentioned Dean's web site and books to this guy, hoping he would just read the posts.

By the way, he has ten years prior experience as a real estate agent and he is now looking for a good, secure, gov'ment job. HA HA

I hope he realized the upside potential in this site and what Dean is offering him. All I can do is lead him to the water!

Got to get back to making my fliers. Bye for now

Homeless in MD

I just wanted to wish you much success in REI and all that you do. You have a lot of people here cheering for you.

SPR Property Solutions, LLC

Building Buyers List

I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this. I searched the local auction sites and found that they list sold properties for the past couple of years. I gathered the addresses and I am looking at the tax records and civil court house records to find who bought these properties. I plan on contacting these buyers to see if they are investors and if they are interested in acquiring additional properties.

What do you think?

Msg received from Dean

I received Deans "Fast Start Form" today and a note about his new book (On the way.) Excited to learn additional strategies.

It's going to be hard to sleep. It's like being a kid again on Christmas eve.

Thanks for the Support

I really appreciate the encouragement. Things are looking up.

Great strategy!


That's a great strategy that has been endorsed and given two-thumbs up by many on the forums and in the academy -- you're definitely thinking like an investor! Laughing out loud It's funny, because as soon as I read your story, I thought to myself "This could be the next Carol on DG.com!"

By the way, as far as the investment clubs go, maybe you could contact the event coordinator or head of the club, explain your situation, and offer to help with the meeting (setup and break-down) to cover your fee. Just a thought. I'll be following your story!

Your DG brother,



"He who is mighty has done great things for me...He has...exalted those of humble estate; he has filled the hungry with good things..." Matt. 1:49-53

2 out of 10

I have located ten cash buyers by simply following the strategy I mentioned above. Already I have 2 cash investors who said they will email me their criteria and that we could work together as partners on some deals. It does work.

Needless to say, I have over 75 more to call on.

Dean's Video Email

Just watched Dean's video emails. Powerful stuff and can't wait to receive my book entitled "Profit in Your Town."

Watch out. As Tony Robbins says, "Take Massive Action."

Watch out. You can join me or "eat my dust." Nothing is going to stop me in 2010.

Broker/RE Agent Meeting

I have met a broker and re agent willing to work closely with me. Both are investors.

I'm on my way. Next, I am going to find a Title Co. and RE lawyer. "Luck be a lady tonight."

Keep it up!

Keep the momentum, LJ!



"He who is mighty has done great things for me...He has...exalted those of humble estate; he has filled the hungry with good things..." Matt. 1:49-53


This stuff is beginning to become addictive. It's all I think about now. Need to take a break. Only one week left of bow hunting. I will spend a day or two next week by chilling out sitting in a tree stand.

P.s. If I receive Dean's book soon, I'll take it with me so I'll have something to read. Eye-wink


What is the fast start form? I received Dean's book just recently and going to sit down now to read some. I love the public library. It was a savior for me when I had no computer. Keep up the good work. You keep me motivated. Have fun bow hunting. It is important to do something fun every now and then to treat yourself and be good to yourself. Keep it up.

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