CogniWorld-LV Journal: Week 1 - WOW!

CogniWorld-LV Journal: Week 1 - WOW!

WOW! What a week it has been…

In the first week of my ‘New Beginning’ I have made some giant leaps forward and taken some small steps backward. What I am about to write will certainly show that I have had a whirlwind of actions and emotions.

I got the book, 'Your Town, Your Money' last Thursday and am reading it religiously! I have also gotten my books, CD’s, DVD’s and manuals for DG’s course, ”Profit From Real Estate Right Now!” Boy, do I have some reading to do?

After studying up on how to build a ‘Buyers’ list, here at our DG family site, I decided to place some ads in the Craig’s List and follow them for results. I placed one ad in the ‘Real State For Sale’ section, one ad in the ‘Real Estate Services’ section and one ad in the ‘Real Estate’ jobs section last Sunday.

From that I received four responses. One is an independent REI from my Las Vegas area. He has sent me a list of home specifications that he would be interested in possibly buying and the areas he wants the homes to be located. And I got a response from another independent REI in Canada who wants to get into the home buying market here in Las Vegas. Both are 'Hard Cash' buyers and can close very quickly.

The third response was from an REI forum group, here in Las Vegas, and I have been invited to meet with them this coming Thursday evening. I am really looking forward to going to this one. And my fourth response was from a ‘Handy-Man’ who wants to work with me on any rehab work that I need done. He has very good references too.

I have contacted my Realtor friend that I mentioned in my last, (first), journal entry last week. Mark said that he was very pleased that I was going back into the business and that he would be there for me always. I will meet with him next week when I have my plan together as to how I will go about acquiring houses. I haven’t quite got that one together yet.

I have my AFF Website all set up now and customized my auto-responder emails. I have done the testing emails to myself and like what they are saying. I will be coming up on the end of my free trial for this site, though, in a couple of days and I don’t think that I will be able to come up with the funds that I need to keep it as I am still unemployed. But I will be back to do it again someday, (one of my small steps backward).

I have also been invited to join DG’s Academy but that is entirely out of the question at this point as it is way too costly. But, again, that will be something that I do later too - (Another small step backward). In the meantime I will keep studying at this site to learn all that I can to help me get my first deal in 30 days, (one of my goals), and I will let nothing get in the way of that.

So I think that this first week has been very progressive to say the least. And I look forward to getting some advertisements out this coming week to see if I can find some people for my ‘Sellers' list. There are many really great deals in Las Vegas as we are not only the gaming capital of the world, but we are also the foreclosure capital of the USA. As the news reports have shown, we have now 1 out of every 10 homes going into foreclosure. And that means that there are a lot of people who need my help.

It’s now twenty-ten! I am in a new beginning! Today is the seventh day of the rest of my life and I will not waste a single moment of it! I will continue to put entries in this journal to keep me accountable for my advancements. And to let each of my DG-Family members know that I AM ALIVE & WELL!

Day 7: Theo T.


The problem with not having a goal is
that you spend all of your time running
up and down the field but you never score.

-Bill Copeland