Need quick help/suggestions

Need quick help/suggestions

Im thinking about attending a seminar on how to secure private money its like 500$ should i go ahead with this? I'm new to investing and i need a starting place..i have alot of information but i still feel like i'm pulled in so many directions. what should i do. I have Dean's book and i've read half of one of them. Please help with any suggestions.


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Ms. Highly Favored....

I love that name, it's so true! Here's my 2 cents. I firmly believe that spending money on getting your education is very important in anything you pursue. But the question I have, is it wise to spend it on learning how to secure private money? I personally think you can secure private money without spending $500. You can contact investors in your club and ask them if they have private money lenders they can refer you to. I believe there's even posts on here about private lenders and I've even seen lists of lenders posted by other DG members. I'd spend the money another way, but that's just me. Ultimately, you should do what your spirit guides you to do.
Here's something to remember: There's a ton of "courses, seminars, workshops" etc. out there that eagerly take your money to give you information that if you just did a little research you could have found yourself.
Best of luck to you!


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Save your Money

I've been that route in the past. Why not take that money and invest in 5 properties?

You need to keep your eye on the prize--do your first deal and repeat the process. After you build a solid foundation you may want to invest in additional classes.

Develop your "WHY" and focus on one thing at a time. Don't become antedated with too much info.

Need help? You can always shoot me a question as well as others on this site.

Totally Agree

Save your money. I found my private money by talking to people. You only need 1 person to say yes and then they start recommending their friends and the ball is now rolling. $500 can be an earnest money deposit, advertising, business cards, etc.

Press on...

save your money

Dont Go..If i were u i would rather go to an investment club and network you will find private money

I agree also

I have been interested in Private Money once I heard about it, I have listened to a few webinars and got some good general information, they all has a sales pitch at the end. I would get the book "How to Get All The Money You Need to Buy Property" by Alan Cowgill. It will give you a lot of good information.

I would also suggest that you get a few deals under you belt before you go after private investors. If you don't have money then do some assignments. It you want to make a great investment I would suggest Dean's Success Academy! You can't go wrong.


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deposit of $500

I would hesitate taking and putting money down if I am not sure what I am doing. I love learning, and there are some good educators out there that can save you a lot of time(money) and help you get going.


You don't start learning until after you know it all!

I agree Save your money

Just a short note, but I would attend a Real Estate Group, there are plenty of
private lenders to use or even network with. I am sure you will get to find them on your own, without spending your money. Just my thoughts. Good luck on what ever you choose.

God bless,
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Save the $500 on some deals

A.Harris save the money toward earnest on some deals. Join your local investors club and I am sure they can help you without spending that type pf money.


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We seem unanimous!

Don't spend $500 on that seminar. Other comments are correct. Join an REI group and ask around. Someone will know private money connections. I have to comment - you said you have Dean's book and have read half of one of them???? Well, get busy read read study study read again. You have golden material in your hand. I think you should commit to a schedule for finishing the books, then make action plans towards a deal.


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Great information!

Thanks guys for all of the advice..I really love the support from this site. I will apply what has been discussed on the site to better my future in real estate investing.... again thank you all the information was very helpful.Wishing you all much success!


***Ms. Highly Favored***


Ms. Harris you ARE highly favored, just look at all the angels sent to you to help you with this decision. All great advice, all from their hearts. This is truly a site full of wonderful people that are always willing to help each other! Let us know what your next step is. Be continuously favored! ;D


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Psalms 118:23 "This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."

Thank you Elena..i sure

Thank you Elena..i sure will.


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You have a bunch of hard

You have a bunch of hard money lenders on this site

Bring a deal to the table, i'm more than willing to bet you'll find someone who will partner with you on here.

But if you still want to give away that $500 i'll PM you my address LOL

Since you live in the state that has tons of colleges, maybe you should concentrate on that genre. College housing.

Most of my properties are in college towns and one thing you never have to worry about is finding tenants. I posted an ad on craigslist for housing for one of my properties on monday and since have nearly 60 inquiries.

Hope it helps

Elixbrown I think

Elixbrown I think i'll hold on to that 500$..but that is a great idea about the colleges i'm going to look into that also. Thanks for your input on this issue.


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Found mine networking

I recently joined an investing club and found a hard money lender that way. They'll get their money when the deal closes. . . . you don't need to spend any with them now. That's like paying someone to give you addresses for HUD homes. Save your money for that first earnest money deposit!