Buying a Home for me

Buying a Home for me

I just joined the Success Academy on Friday 2/19/10 and just completed my first module. In just the amount of time I have spent thus far with the folks at DG I have to say I am truly inspired.

I currently rent an apartment in Oklahoma City, but have decided to relocate to Tulsa, for a number of reasons. I have found out that I will qualify for the $6,500 tax credit against my '09 income taxes if I buy put a contract on a house by April 30th and close by June 30th of this year, so I want to find something soon.

I plan on calling the coaches in the morning to get counsel on how I should proceed but if anyone is interested in giving me their opinion I am open to them. I am recently divorced, have excellent credit (750 ish last I checked), have cash for a down payment, etc. I would like to find a 3/2/2, single story.

My question is, should I work with a real estate agent right away or use the tools available thru Success Academy, the coaching, etc? Time if of the essence and I want to find a good deal that is within what I want to spend. I want to find something in the neighborhood of $100,000 to $125,000, which I believe should be doable.

Any thoughts on how I should proceed? Thanks everyone.



Re question

Hey Scott, since your in the success academy use there resources first. Call and talk to the coaches etc., thats why they are there. They will help you use DG statagies, to find the best deals, mike..

thanks Mike. I am going to

thanks Mike. I am going to call them first thing tomorrow. I have the name of a good realtor there, but will see what the coaches have to say first. Best to you.Scott

Put the word out

Get your loan approved!Then check into any REIA's in or around Tulsa and talk to who ever runs the group,Tell them you are a buyer.Check out ads through social media and print advertising in or around Tulsa,Anybody that says they buy houses or have investor specials.There are alot of investor web sites that property is listed on!And do not think you are buying a house for you,If you do...You will pay to much!Remember you are a investor.

Happy deal hunting!

P.S.The main thing is getting the word out(your buying)


Invest in yourself!

So excited about today's events

Last night I had gotten on the Tulsa Real Estate Investor club site, saw the posting of a realtor who says she works with investors, etc. Called her, met her today for an hour and a half. She helps investors like me buy houses at the sherriff auction at great discounts, then we will flip them and sell them. She's a real go getter(20 yrs in marines). She gave me a list of 3 lenders who specialize in investor lines of credit etc. Prime plus one percent money, hello! So, I will be calling them tomorrow to find out what information they need, and get set up for buying auction properties. She says we will make a minimum of 10,000 on each deal, usually lots more. I am very excited to say the least.

I am proud of myself for taking these actions, and following through. I gain confidence each and every day. I am thankful for the people on this site who continue to keep me motivated as well.

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