Just getting started

Just getting started

New here just getting started.. Got me a TF# as suggested in DG latest book.. Im really excited and fortunately my friends and family are just as excited about this as I am.

I read the sections for finding motivated sellers and buyers over and over again and like it said, got a tf#,made my msgs (this was on 2/8/2010) and just started putting out my flyers today..

I dont in anyway want to be discouraged but as I began to actively solicit w/ my flyers and banners today I noticed that alot of people are doing similarly what I am doing.. I see stop forclosure signs everywhere buy a house today signs everywhere.. While I am not completely discouraged yet since today is the first day I actually advertised my toll free number, I want to know what I can do to stand out from all the rest? There is a lot of competition in my city.

Also finding a mortgage broker.. Thats where I am sorta frightened bc I submitted several emails to various mortgage brokers to assist me w/ approval processes for people who will need to go to the bank last week and I havent got a response yet.. Is there another way to target mortgage brokers and get them to work with me. Bc Im terrified if someone does call me in regards to purchasing a home, I wont know what to do. Can someone offer some assistance..


First: You have nothing to

First: You have nothing to be scared of; you haven't done anything

Second: Don't be afraid to make mistakes. It happens to all of us. This past summer alone I went through nearly 20 clients and no deal.

Third: Call a bunch of mortgage brokers and tell them that you're an investor who is working with clients to get qualified and want to know if they take clients off the street(of course they do). Thing is, MB's have long memories so you if in this climate are able to put money in their pockets, they'll be indebted to you. Tell her/him upfront you're new at this but you've gotten referrals of people interested in buying and they have no ties to any bank. To get a check, they'll blab and love you.

Fourth: Before you do anything, learn first; keep reading and asking questions, but in the meantime, improve your marketing, approach and just let people know in conversation you're an investor and have access to homes and great deals; politics, sports, religion and real estate are always topics that are on peoples minds

Fifth: Start back at 1. Use this place as a reference tool and don't be afraid to ask questions.


Hope this helps


Check our REI clubs in your area, you'll meet all kinds of REI folks at these meetings. We've had calls from our signs from investors & RE agents from our signs.

I wish you the best in REI.

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Mortgage Brokers

Hi Missie!

Welcome to the DG Family! I'm new also and have found an enormous amount of information, encouragement and advice from these wonderful people. It's an AWESOME site and I would suggest being on this site as much as possible! there is always more to learn and if you apply even just a little time and effort, the deals will start coming in, so keep up the good work because you're doing what you need to. Smiling

As far as Mortgage Brokers go, you can put a free ad on Craigslist and/or call your local Real Estate Offices and ask them for the name and number of a Mortgage Broker they work with. They are usually more than happy to offer you this information and you might be able to find a great Realtor to work with in the process. Having a good Realtor on your team will help you locate properties you will be looking for in the near future. Hope this helps a bit and remember...NEVER give up Smiling



Your response helps tremendously and lets me know that I am not alone.. I am ready and I am willing to learn. Bc I am completely traveling out into foreign territory. I know absolutely, positively nothing about real estate except for what I read in Profit from Real Estate. I didnt know what equity was before that and for that reason Ive taken into consideration that mistakes will be made (also the reason Im so terrified) As for the mortgage brokers, Thanks for the advise..Ill start calling tommorrow instead of emailing.. thanks again..


to the family. ask all the questions you want, the family is good for answering them for you.i'm still chicken, too so keep at it everyday. we are gonna get there.


What tod do now?

Thank you guys so much for all the responses. I really appreciate it.. As you know, I just put my flyers up yesterday and today I got my first call into my toll free number from an interested buyer.. So I followed the advise of ElixBrown along w/ others and started calling mortgage brokers or realty centers who work with mortgage brokers and you all were absolutely right. They were very friendly and more than willing to give up mortgage brokers names. I spoke w/ one mortgage broker imparticularly who was right away will to work with my first potential buyer.. OF course now I have no property to sell.. Im kinda nervous. What should my next step be? No motivated sellers have called me yet..


I was explaining to you all that I spoke w/ realtors today to assist me w/ finding a mortgage broker. Right after I just posted my previous journal, I got an email from one I spoke w/ who stated that they would like to be my realtor.. This is a good thing right? This is the time I should prob reply w/ the email in book Profit from Real Estate Right Now explaining my expectation as an agent huh?

Thats a start

Congrats on the first step. I'm new to this also..its alot of information..I haven't taking my first step yet..dont know where to turn..So atleast you got out there.What city are you in and how are you funding your deals? wishing you the Best!


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Funding My Deals

Hi.. I guess we are both some newbies.. I dont know how I will funding my deals.. I have no clue what Im doing.. Just following everyones suggestions.. I was tellin' my mom as well as the DG family about the various stop forclosure signs in my city and "We buy houses" signs and explaining that there is a lot of competition in my city.. But I was reading a forum post from someone who said that they use the "We buy houses" people as their end buyers and I thought, here I was thinking they were competition but now this may very well be how I make my first deal.. I thought that was a great idea.. Again I have no idea what Im doing.. I got my books at the beginning of Feb and I carry them everywhere!!!I keep reading and highlighting and staying focused cuz I never know when a good deal may happen.. Im just ready to make it happen.. To U as a newbie to another one.. Lets stay focused together and make big things happen..

I try to write down my plans.. Like today I called my one buyer back, left him a msg and referred him to the mortgage broker I spoke w/ earlier.. Tommorrow, Im going house shopping.. I want to target fsbo bc I figure they will have a conversation with me.. Also I will look at properties that have been on the market for more than 90 days..And I will also speak w/ the people who own the various we buy houses signs. A home around the corner from me has been for sale for years and Im gonna get to the bottom line on that one.. I say to set goals and start doing something.. And just learn on the way..

I know this is long, but I will say this finally, the realtor I contacted earlier wants to be my realtor.. He stated in his email that I need to get a lender pre approval letter for forclosures..I have no earthly idea what that is.. But Ok.. Ima find out.. So if anyone knows, please share.. Good Luck to U!

Missie I'm glad to know that


I'm glad to know that you are pushing toward your goals..stay focused. I thinking im more of trying to figure out what steps to take..I'm a member of my local Reia group here and have been since October 08. If you can join one in your area they help out a lot with the knowledge part. I'll keep you updated on my moves right now I haven't done anything but research a lot of things and trying to figure out my first move. Well let me know how things go for you. So are you just assigning contracts now ?


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