I am looking for serious individuals who want to partner up and make some money

I am looking for serious individuals who want to partner up and make some money

Hey DG Community,

I am looking for partners who are interested in investing with wholesaling properties. If you would like to get involved with the wholesaling end of real estate investing, please contact me. I have found that my particular niche is finding deals/buyers and working with the motivated sellers and investors. I am currently finding a lot of great deals in my area, and have built a very large buyers list in a very short period of time. I also realized that I can do this virtually anywhere in the country.

I want to spend all my time finding the deals and bringing in the buyers. I am looking for partners who are willing to do the due diligence (going to look at the property and analyzing the deals, showing the property to end buyers, going to closing, etc.). I would prefer if you are a realtor or have access to a realtor who you are close with. I am willing to help mentor anyone along who I partner with and we will be making serious cash. All profits will be split 50/50. The great thing about wholesaling is we will be getting paid fast!

I am looking for about 4-5 people to partner with, so please message me if you are interested. You can also send me an email at [email protected].



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Larry F.
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He Larry,

Lets give this a try! Jay C


Jay C

Your system, my time

Hello Larry,
I have the time and an RE agent that I am working with. I would love to hear more about your plan.

I'm in!

You know I'm game, Larry!



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Interested in helping

I could really use a mentor to gain the confidence to get started. My husband has strong reservations about using personal funds for REI. I would love to get started this way. Just need a chance to get going.
Peggy Smiling

I would love to!!

i would love to! join your team, i aswell have a realtor that im working with. Hope to hear from you soon.



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I am open to any new opportunity

Hello Larry,

Just read your posting and I am interested in speaking with you. I am in Massachusetts, I am about to take the Real Estate exam, and I am eager to launch my new career. Although I have a lot of energy and positive attitude, I admit that I have my uncertainties about what to start with first. I was thinking that someone like yourself could get me headed in the right direction. Let's talk!


Unbelievable Response!!

Thank you to everyone who responded, messaged me, and emailed me. Unfortunately, I can only partner up with so many people. It is going to be really hard for me to select, but I will do my best to go through all the responses and talk with everyone. If you don't make it on my team right now, don't worry, I may be able to add more people down the road, and I look forward to helping you all get started in Real Estate Investing regardless.

Thank you again!


Check Out my blog at: http://www.theflipkid.com

"We succeed because we pay our dues to meet our goals, and in doing so we expand our personal genius"

Larry F.
The Flip Kid


Great job Larry! I am very proud of you for stepping out and making it happen! You are going to do great things with this motivation and determination. I can't wait to see the end result Smiling


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Hi Larry,

I am in VA and I am an inactive, licensed Realtor. I have had my license for 25 years and sold for over 10 years. My husband and I currently own 6 income producing townhomes. Would love to work with you. Let me know.


Hi Larry, I have a realtor

Hi Larry, I have a realtor who is very persistent and willing to do any deals I ask of him. So if yo are interested I have much experience talking to listing agents and negotiating deals with them to purchase shortsales and reos but I just need an endbuyer. Hope to hear from you soon and I am based in Connecticut on the eastcoast. However I have spoken to agents all over the country and know how to get things done. If you are interested just email me at damiondavidson at gmail dot com or pm me and I will give you my number so we can discuss the details.

Damion Davidson


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Wholesale JV Partner

Hey Larry, I'm here in Tampa FL if your interested?


Garrett Bird
Bayside Property Investments LLC
Phone: 813-340-9490
Fax: 813-703-1319
Email: baysidepropertyinvestments@****


He Larry:

this is something I have wanted to do. Just need someone to point me in the right direction. I am not afraid to learn new things. If you show me I can do it. I do have a real estate agent that is a friend and would help. Also have talked to a couple other who seemed interested.

Let me know.


Larry, Thank you for putting


Thank you for putting this post up. I know that there are those who want to do things and others who are doing things. I am in the Seattle are of Washington State. I am new to REI and I am doing what I can to start this going. I have just started getting my buyers list and I am excited about that. I have multiple agents, brokers, escrow companies that I have been working with and I am just checking on a few legalities with contracts, etc., to make sure I am not going to cause any issues for later. I would truely appreciate a chance to a least discuss with you what you have in mind. I am starting off with wholeselling to begin my REI career. Thank you again for doing this. It is a great idea. Good luck in your endevour.

Bothell, WA


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Are you interested

Hi Larry, I am in Iowa but close to Illinois and Missouri are interested in this area?

Hi Larry

I am a newbie - don't know where to start. I am on the Treasure Coast of Fla. Also, will you buy bank owned homes? Need guidance - I am so confused & broke (unemployed)
Thanks, Laurie


If you need transactional funding services, please let me know, I am always accessible.

Jimmy B.

Hey Larry

If you want to consider resort towns. I am willing and able.


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Live in Salem MA

My name is George live in Salem Ma Open to all

I am doing this Full Time would be great to chat and also help in all areas

I have a club listed on Deans site Salem Ma and areas


i sure i can do this with a partner

well larry its up 2 you who u decide for team members but im in miami and there are lots of deals around here.so if u give me a chance in my area im sure i can put out some great results.pm me and let me know.im willing and able



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