Our real estate challenges

Our real estate challenges

Well after months of debating I decided to start our journal. My husband, Merlyn,has read all 3 of Dean's books and I have read the last 2. They have really pumped us up. We bought the Empowering Conversations series and decided that Indiana Joe's and Greg Murphy's techniques might work for us. We found a REO that needed a ton of work (planning on flipping it) and put in a low ball offer based on this. We're supposed to hear today if it's accepted or not. We have a buyers list already and have started a sellers list using Greg Murphy's techniques, but we haven't had any seller's call yet. We advertised in the newspaper using one of Greg's ads and have hung flyers up in the few places that have bulletin boards. One of the realtors placed an ad right before ours only in big,bold print basically saying the same thing as ours only really detailed-had to cost a lot. That was a bummer. I'm thinking of calling them to see what they're program is about. If anyone has any suggestions, we're always open to any.
Jean & Merlyn



I had the Same problem you're having when it comes to generating phone calls through ads. But persistence does pay off. I've made it a weekly ritual to spend 1 hour just putting up bandit signs, flyers, etc..

BUT Most of my calls though come from Craigslist.... SO DEFINITELY POST ON CL...

Just keep on posting and they will come.. Don't stop because you think it's not working..



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Jean & Merlyn,

Congratulations on putting in your 1st offer! And for reading Dean's books, building your buyers & sellers list. Believe me I understand completely how eager you are for the phone to start ringing! Smiling be patient it will happen.

About the realtors ad right before yours keep in mind that people like to look at more than one option available to them.

Much success to you both!

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Having problems

I don't know what area you are in. But here in Clarksville I had the same problem. I just didn,t get very much response form adds are the Craig's list. But I got a great response on my hand written yard signs. All I put was we buy houses and my phone number. I spent over 3000 Dollars in adds. My signs average a Dollar a piece.




San Diego Real Estate

Has anyone had success yet with Dean's Instant Equity Exchanges and /or Assignments in the San Diego area?

thank you

Jean & Merlyn,

Congratulations for taking action. Greg's lease options and the REOs are a great way to go. As you learn about your local market network and gather as mcuh data as possible wok your plan and keep the fiath and good thigns will happen. If you can find some small local community banks with REOs they may be ready to deal. Good luck with real estate investing! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

P.S. My Guidemap to finding REOs may help, check out the link:


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Thanks Jordon. I put two ads on Craigslist and they have not appeared. They don't have a listing for my home city so I used a city near me. Since we're trying Greg Murphy's ideas, I placed the ads for sellers under homes wanted. I also used several of the cities we were targeting in the ad. Have any ideas why they wouldn't be posted?


Indiana Joe

Thanks for the guidemap. I've printed it out so I can refresh my memory on what to do each time I have to call a bank. I keep forgetting to get e-mail addresses. Also do you find more banks are listing their REO's with realtors?
It is really hard to find one here in Lawrenceburg, IN and surrounding towns that's not listed with a realtor.

Jean & Merlyn

Whatever state you're in, I

Whatever state you're in, I strongly recommend posting more than one ad and in different ways but all saying the same thing

If you're in LA, post for EVERY single area in the state

San Diego
San Fran

etc, etc

Do not limit yourself to a small area. I'd also think about posting in out of state threads as well; why limit yourself.

Most important be very careful of these 'investors'; always assume most are in the same position as you and ask specifically if they are the direct investor or middle man. If they aren't the direct, it might be time to move on; too much time wasted to have two people trying to assign the same property and lots of headaches as well

Hope this helps

Having Problems

We've had really good luck with finding buyers by placing a small ad in our local paper. Now finding sellers is another story. We've had the ad in our local paper going on 2 weeks now and not one phone call. We're not having much luck with the city allowing us to put up bandit signs, they fine you $80. We did find some places to put up flyers but we haven't received any calls from sellers on those either. We decided we'll just change the wording on the ad every 2 weeks or so and see if something generates a call.
Thanks for the advise.


Whatever state you're in

Thanks for the advise, I'll try that.