Anyone Out There

Anyone Out There

I am new to REI and am looking for someone in the Austin TX area who is using Dean's techniques. I need to learn all I can to make this work. I know from reading these journals that people are making it happen. Those are the people I want to learn from. There are too many opportunities out there to think we can't all make this work. If anyone has the time to meet with me send me a PM and I would love to learn from you. I also am attending my first REI club meeting this month so I am sure I will get more info there. Thanks a BUNCH.


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You're in a college town so

You're in a college town so you'll have alot more homes to work with. There are tons of owners town homeowners looking to get out, distressed, eager, just willing to give away their homes and not deal with the hassle and headache. I know this because I own a bunch of homes in college towns so I know the headaches that go with them

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